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Four Useful Tips for Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is an immensely difficult game that forces you to start from the start again when you die. The game tests you both on your skill to dodge bullets and your ability to solve problems at a larger scale to tip things in your favor. Here are some tips to make the game a little more manageable.

Don’t hesitate to use blanks

At the start of each floor, the player is given two blanks. They are vital for success. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to risk-taking damage instead of using a blank, but if you reach the end of the floor with blanks saved up and damage taken, you just took unnecessary damage! In a game where health is scarce, this mistake could cost you your run down the line.

Also, if using a blank is the difference between taking a point of damage during a boss or not – definitely use it! If you kill a boss without taking damage, you are rewarded with extra max health.

Be careful with chests

Every single chest you find has a chance to be a mimic. You can try to spot its slight movements to identify a mimic or you can shoot it with your starting weapon. If it’s a mimic, it will jump out to attack you. If it isn’t, nothing is lost.

It is best to think of the chests on any floor as a sort of puzzle, as keys are a rarity. On an average run, it may be best to only use your keys on green tier chests and above. If it pains you to see chests left untouched and you have no way of opening them, you can always destroy the chest and hope for some goodies.

Look carefully for secrets

When firing a non-starting gun against a wall, the wall might crack. A crack in the wall means that there is a secret room nearby, and by using a blank near it you can open the wall and find a room full of useful equipment and items that may be vital to the success of your run. If you have limited ammo and don’t know where to start looking, there’s a good chance that it may be adjacent to a treasure room.


Enemies and bosses aren’t going to get magically easier, so it’s important to practice so that you are better prepared for difficult encounters. What may at first seem like an impossible swarm of bullets and attacks may soon become easy enough that you can do it with your eyes closed without taking a single point of damage. Most bosses have gimmicks and patterns that only become evident through practice or research, and figuring these out is crucial to success. Gorgun’s petrification ability, for example, can be avoided by simply turning away from her. And as always – use your dodge roll often!

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If all the tips above not working with your progress, we also provide you with Enter the Gungeon cheats that come with God Mode and Easy kills.

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