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1497800cookie-checkRiot Games Releases New Valorant Map.

Riot Games Releases New Valorant Map.

In the hit tactical shooting game and CS:GO clone, Valorant has initiated its new act as of the 27th. Included in this new act is the “amazing” new Valorant map called Breeze. While I am for the greedy endeavours of big corporations, this map. This troplical paradise creates a great new place for Valorant fans to get shot at at all new angles. Included in the map are vents that send you from one location to another, which opens up a brand new array of tactics to strategize and cuss out your team over.

Arrive on Breeze // Map Reveal - VALORANT - YouTube

If you enjoy flashing your teammates, smoking off your teammates, or generally just screwing over your teammates, this map is perfect for you. Also included in this brand new map is a ton of lore that no one actually good at the game cares about. For all you CS:GO fans, this map features several features stolen directly from Cobblestone, and takes the door assets from Dust2. No matter if you’re a casual or a pro or anyone in between, you’re going to hate playing this map. What a great addition to an already lackluster map rotation!

If you’re looking for a great game to play this month, try out CS:GO.

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