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Six reasons why Six is NOT the Lady in Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is an amazing indie horror franchise. Ever since the release of Little Nightmares 1 in 2017, an amazing fandom has grown on the internet, devoted to sharing memes, tips, art, and trying to figure out what exactly is going on in the horrifying world of the games. The release of Little Nightmares 2 has kicked these theories into high gear, as fans puzzle over the non-linear storyline and the shocking twists. Before you read any further, I must warn that the following article contains major spoilers for both Little Nightmares games, the app game Very Little Nightmares, and the DLC.

Still here? All right, now let’s go over the subject of today’s article. It concerns a particularly popular fan theory that emerged after the release of Little Nightmares 2. The theory is, that as Mono is revealed to be the Thin Man, that therefore Six will eventually grow up to be the Lady from Little Nightmares 1. (LN2 is a confirmed prequel to the first one.) This theory is especially popular among Mono & Six shippers (though not all Mono & Six shippers, obviously) and has been debated back and forth among the fans across social media. On YouTube, it’s most advocates are TheGamingBeaver and Gamersault. On the other side of the debate, the most prominent critics of the theory that Six is the Lady are Tericho, ItsJustJord, and Tyrangi. Today, OneAngryGamer will weigh in on the side of Six NOT being the Lady. There are many reasons why Six is probably not the Lady, but in honor of her name, we are listing six reasons why we don’t think Six is the Lady:

1: The devs basically denied it in a 2018 interview. After the release of Little Nightmares in 2017, a popular fan theory was that the villainous Lady was Six’s mother. The devs through cold water on that theory in a 2018 interview, though, by saying that not only is Six not the Lady’s daughter, but that they were simply two unrelated strangers tossed together – comparing it to being on a bus with an old lady. Obviously, two people who are the same person can’t be unrelated strangers – a grown-up up is absolutely related to a child you. In short, the only way Six can be the Lady is if the devs changed their mind.

2: Six’s corrupted form is Monster Six, not the Lady. When Mono goes to rescue Six from the Signal Tower at the end of Little Nightmares 2, he meets Six in her corrupted, monstrous form. This creature looks nothing like the Lady, and in fact looks a lot more like the Janitor from Little Nightmares 1. Six is not the Janitor either, but ironically, there is more evidence that Six is the Janitor than there is that she’s the Lady! One thing accepted by almost all Little Nightmares fans is that the Signal Tower is the thing responsible for corrupting the world and people of Little Nightmares. The Signal Tower has therefore at the end of LN2 has already shown its hand concerning Six, and that is Monster Six.

3: Six cares nothing for music boxes after Little Nightmares 2. One piece of so-called evidence that people use to say that Six becomes the Lady is the fact that in LN2 (a prequel to LN), Six is fond of music boxes, similar to the Lady in Little Nightmares. However, what is being forgotten is that after the events of Little Nightmares 2, she stops caring about music boxes. In Little Nightmares, she passes by multiple music boxes without giving them a second thought. Therefore, we can assume music boxes are a thing of her past, not her future.

4: The Runaway Kid dreams of the Granny. Another piece of evidence from the “Six is the Lady” theory that we will debunk concerns the idea that Six dreams of the Lady, that means she will become her. This argument selectively ignores the fact that the Runaway Kid from the DLC dreams of the Granny. Obviously, he becomes a Nome, not the Granny. Therefore, Six dreaming of the Lady probably just means that they are enemies.

5: Six is unable to use the Lady’s powers until she eats her, while Mono was always able to use the Thin Man’s power: Mono is the Thin Man, and one of the clues that we were given is the fact that he and the Thin Man always had the same powers – manipulation of televisions and other mind powers. Six, on the other hand, is completely unable to use the Lady’s powers until after she eats her – and instead must use a mirror to bounce her power back on her.

6: Six leaves the Maw at the end of Little Nightmares, while Mono is stuck in the Signal Tower in Little Nightmares 2. The developers clearly wanted us to know that Mono is the Thin Man. They show him becoming him and they make an effort to show us that he is trapped in the Signal Tower. Six on the other hand, leaves the Maw at the end of Little Nightmares 1, killing the Guests and freeing any Nomes she hugged as she leaves. The after credits scene shows Six waiting to be rescued as a ship horn sounds in the distance.

Image credit: Tyrangi, an amazing YouTuber you should check out.

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