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1498160cookie-checkLiving a Life to the Fullest: Top 10 Productivity and Lifestyle Blogs

Living a Life to the Fullest: Top 10 Productivity and Lifestyle Blogs

These days, we live in a world where anyone can do anything and become whoever they want. There is a whole bunch of different opportunities for everyone, and people with disabilities are no exception.

The world has seen numerous examples of people with disabilities and various health issues become successful in all spheres of life. And you can do it too! If you wish, you can achieve academic success, write for a essayservice, make music, run a profitable business, or do whatever else you want. All you need is to set the right goals and give your productivity a boost, and this article is meant to help you learn to be productive in everything you do.

10 Productivity and Lifestyle Blogs to Read

In case you are looking for some good, inspirational reads, here are our top picks for you to bookmark:

1. The Wheelchair Mommy

If you are looking for inspiration and productivity tips, then The Wheelchair Mommy is a great resource to find it all. This is a personal blog of Priscilla Hedlin, a writer and a mum of three boys, who manages to blog, be a good wife, handle home chores, and parent three kids from a wheelchair.

This blog meant to inspire and show that handling everything, as well as being productive and, most importantly, happy, is possible regardless of any circumstances.

2. Disability Thinking

Though there is a number of published articles, Disability Thinking is not quite a blog, but still, it deserves to be included on our list because it is one of the best resources for both caregivers and people with disabilities that you can find on the web!

Disability Thinking is a personal website created and managed by Andrew D. Pulrang with the goal to educate people on disability culture and related topics and provide helpful resources to everyone who needs it.

Andrew himself has faced a health crisis, which inspired him to create this website. In a nutshell, the website is a bridge that links people with disabilities, caregivers, as well as anyone interested in this issue to the best resources collected from all over the web. In the Blog section on the website, Andrew posts links to the best weekly reads that cover a variety of topics, including productivity, lifestyle, news, and more.

3. LifeHacker

“Do Everything Better” – the motto of this resource speaks for itself. If we talk about lifestyle and productivity blogs, it’s impossible to go past LifeHacker. This popular website seems to have everything for everyone. And, if you happen to wonder what it has to do with resources for disabled people, guess what – LifeHacker is meant for everyone, and it even has a separate topic thread for Disability and related matters.

4. The Mighty

Another blog worth following is The Mighty. The blog was designed to become the ultimate destination for people with disabilities, their friends and families, caregivers, as well as other people where everyone can find support, motivation, or share a personal story.

The Mighty covers a whole range of subjects from health, productivity, and everyday life to work tips, parenting, and much much more.

5. New Mobility

“Life Beyond Wheels” – this is the motto of the next resource we’d love to share with you in this article. New Mobility is a one of its kind website created specifically for active users of wheelchairs. Whenever you face any difficulties, lack motivation, or going through any harsh times, this site is a place to go for help and inspiration.

The core mission of New Mobility is to help people with disabilities learn to participate fully in their lives.

6. Don’t Dis My Ability

Unlike other options on this list, Don’t Dis My Ability isn’t a personal website or blog. In fact, it is owned by an Australian government agency. The resource contains dozens of great articles written by multiple contributors. Here, you will find helpful productivity tips and other pieces of advice on a variety of subjects, from working from home to traveling overseas.

The main goal of this site is to help people with disabilities to live to their best ability and recognize real employment and life opportunities that are available out there.

7. Hearing Like Me

Hearing Like Me is probably the best motivational blog for people who faced hearing loss created for better living. You can find plenty of great articles in numerous categories on this website, including home & living, traveling, wellness, and many others.

Here you can discover plenty of informative content on how to stay productive in life, learning, and work.

8. Meriah Nichols

Meriah Nichols can become a real role model for many people, whether with or without disabilities. Meriah is deaf herself and also raises a daughter with Down syndrome, which is why the topics related to the life of people with special needs are the core focus of her blog.

On Meriah Nichols’s blog, you will find tons of resources, tips, inspiring stories, and other types of content focused on disability, productivity, parenting, independent living with disabilities, advocacy, and much more. Also, there is a very strong community of the same-minded people here, which is also a good thing.

9. SmarterTime

SmarterTime is an extremely helpful resource on life and time management created to help all people become their most productive selves with ease. Although unlike the other options on this list, SmarterTime is not meant exclusively for people with disabilities. It covers this topic from time to time and, thus, can definitely come in handy.

For example, one of their latest articles on this topic – Being Productive on Disability, offers an interesting outlook on rethinking the very concept of productivity to fit it into life with a disability.

10. Curb Free With Cory Lee

We have to admit that Curb Free With Cory Lee is not really a productivity blog, but it is way too entertaining and inspiring to read that we couldn’t keep it out of this list. This is a travel blog created and run by Cory, who, despite his Spinal Muscular Atrophy diagnosis, travels all across the world and shares his stories with others.

On this blog, you will find lots of exciting stories about different destinations, as well as handy tips that will help you make traveling more accessible than ever.

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