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1498270cookie-checkPlayers are furious with the release of the TBC prepatch
20 May 2021

Players are furious with the release of the TBC prepatch

If someone brings up the topic of Blizzards and their blunders, at this point, nothing will surprise me. The recent TBC Prepatch maintenance was extended multiple times throughout the day, being extended more than twelve hours than was originally promised, and ever since the update, the game has been anything less than optimised. Blizzard’s actions in rectifying these faults have been anything less than well done, and have only damaged the playerbase’s motivation to play.

               From the introduction of character boosts, to paid cosmetics, and now continuous disconnects in battlegrounds, it is easy to see why Wow Classic’s players have grown sceptical and concerned of Blizzard’s shaky priorities.

               Earlier today, honor gains from battlegrounds were found to be at a higher than intended rate. Their solution? Reduce the honor tenfold, to an excruciatingly low amount. From roughly 3,500 honor for a win in Arathi Basin, all the way down the just 200, it is clear that the new number is nowhere near exact. What’s more, the evidence presented regarding this inflated honor gain is from a private server – rather odd that Blizzard was so gung ho to use that as a reason to trample all over the enjoyment of their players.

               Players are furious that Blizzard would nerf honor gain so drastically and refuse to address the continuous and never-ending disconnections in battlegrounds. What was already a rocky, delayed release of the prepatch is doing little to redeem itself, and I find myself questioning Blizzard’s priorities in how they manage this situation.

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