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The Top 6 Old School RuneScape Minigames Worth the Grind

Old School RuneScape gives players attractive rewards for grinding out various skills. Over the years, it has released numerous minigames allowing you to gain experience while acquiring valuable items in the process. Unfortunately, the grind does not always result in an award that matches your effort. It does not help that there are plenty of minigames to choose from.

In this context, knowing where and how to focus your time and energy can be difficult. You can always check out a game hacking forum such as RuneScape Hacks Forum for cheat codes that help you better navigate the minigames. That being said, the following are among the minigames well worth working for.

1. Pyramid Plunder

Sophanem’s Pyramid Plunder is what you should look at if you want a new way of training thieving. You get five minutes to go through eight rooms with each subsequent room requiring a higher thieving skill level than the preceding one. The rooms contain loot such as statuettes, scarabs, seals and combs. You can exchange the loot for coins.

Not only does Pyramid Plunder give you extensive thieving experience, but that process comes with a significant amount of money. And if you happen to run into the Pharaoh’s Sceptre, you could net a $3 million profit.

2. Mage Training Arena

The Mage Training lies north of the Duel Arena and is located in the Desert. You can earn valuable pizazz points via the various minigames, such as enchanting, alchemy, mazes and turning bones to fruit. The arena gives you a different method of magic training alongside earning points.

Points earned can unlock some exclusive items such as Wads, Infinity Mage Set, Mages Book, and Bones to Peaches Spell. The Mage Training Arena provides some of the best weaponry and armor. If you do not want the armor and weaponry, you can sell them for as much as $4 million.

3. Barbarian Assault

Based at the Barbarian Outpost, the Barbarian Assault is a team combat minigame allowing for as many as five players. Team members must work together discharging different roles as they fight through 10 waves of Penance. In the final wave, teams face the Penance Queen.

This minigame allows you to gamble honor points that bank on how well your team will do. That allows you to buy top combat gear. The main prize here is the Fighter Torso featuring the best-in-slot strength bonus. It can only be matched by the Inquisitor’s Hauberk and Bandos Chestplate.

4. Tithe Farm

The Tithe Farm minigame is based in Hosidius. Here, you plant seeds to grow a wide range of large fruits all depending on your current player level. Water the seeds regularly to prevent wilting. When they are ready for harvest, deposit the produce in sacks and earn points.

You can then use the points to buy non-tradeable farming equipment. That includes the Seed Box, Herb Sack, Gricoller’s Can and Farmer’s Outfit.

5. Barrows

This is perhaps the best known combat-based minigame in RuneScape. It takes place in eastern Morytania. You have to battle five Barrows Brothers to gain access to the tunnels where you can retrieve the reward chest.

Barrows is an excellent money-maker. It offers an abundance of high-level runes as well as a shot at gaining some of Barrow’s gear with as many as 24 pieces to collect. These weapons and armor pieces are among the best gear you can obtain for mid-level players. Better yet, full sets provide impressive bonuses.

6. Pest Control

Pest Control is a fighting minigame where you have to cooperatively destroy portals while you defend the Guthix Void Knight from hostile monsters. Other than the combat experience, you will gain points for winning a game. Points earned depend on your level.

Pest Control is the only avenue available for you to obtain Void Knight non-tradeable armor pieces. The Void Knight pieces provide defense bonuses to combative stats without reducing attack bonuses. This makes them the best option for many high-leveled players.

Time and Energy Efficiency

Make the most efficient use of your time and energy by choosing these RuneScape minigames for the most optimal reward return. Look at the top Old School Runescape bosses to fight in 2021.

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