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1550060cookie-checkTower of God is making a spectacular return.

Tower of God is making a spectacular return.

After a year of hiatus, SIU, Tower of God’s author, has returned to work on Tower of God. Already, the Korean raws for the new chapters has been released, and fans are excitedly waiting for the English translation to release in the coming days.

Tower of God’s hiatus was brought on due to health issues with the author, and what was once thought to be a short hiatus turned to be a year long as the severity of his health crisis was made clear. While he has not made a 100% recovery, fans hope that he will choose to work slower than normal so that the painful symptoms do not return.

Tower of God is a Korean Webtoon that follows the Twenty-Fifth Baam’s (yes, that’s his name) journey to the top of the titular tower. The scope of the series is massive, and SIU is an expert in creating a gripping and expansive world with fleshed out characters and engaging plot points.

The planned date to return to publication is on May 30.

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