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1550000cookie-checkWhat to do on school holidays: Video games coming out in 2021

What to do on school holidays: Video games coming out in 2021

There are two pieces of news: the good news and the bad news. The good news is that a lot of decent games are coming out in 2021, and many people’s interests will be satisfied. The bad news is that there probably won’t be enough time to play them. Especially, if you’re a student. But you can use the  McEssay writing service to help you with your assignments. 

Below we list some of the particularly notable games of 2021.

Far Cry 6

Coming out in the spring for Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

The dictator Anton Castillo and his son Diego are the main villains (the older one for sure). Anton is raising a successor: the boy must succeed him in office and continue his work of crushing, destroying, mocking, and humiliating. In this way, he tries to prove that the people need a strong hand. But to preserve his paradise world, Anton will not hesitate to sacrifice his people.

Dani Rojas (the protagonist) will have to trample the lands of the fictional country of Yara somewhere in the Caribbean to tame the bandit regime. The developers promise a huge game’s map – more than in previous games of the series, but in terms of gameplay, the new Far Cry game doesn’t differ from the previous ones.

The exact game’s release date hasn’t been announced yet – Ubisoft itself is confused, stating on the official website as of February 18 (this is outdated data), and “will be released soon”. Presumably – in April, but it’s not certain.


It comes out on May 28 for Windows and PlayStation 5.

Shooter from the famous developers – the Arkane studio, which has the Dishonored series, as well as the games Prey and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Initially, the project, which will be published by Bethesda (which is owned by ZeniMax, which belongs to Microsoft), was planned as a temporary console exclusive. But the release has been moved from 2020 to 2021, and it’s not yet completely clear whether the condition remains in force (probably not).

The word “loop” in the title points to games with time: the protagonist Colt will find himself trapped in a temporal trap. The setting doesn’t bode well either: Blackriff Island used to be a military base where strange experiments were conducted. They caused the appearance of the “loop”, and the memory of repeated events is retained only by Colt.

The rest of us live the events over and over again, staying in the dark – pleasantly, participating in the party. To avoid another “reset”, the mercenary needs to remove eight targets, having learned their behavior patterns over the preliminary cycles. The main thing is not to die himself, otherwise, it will start all over again.

Halo Infinite

Coming out for Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S. The exact date unknown, release was planned for December 2020, then moved to “late 2021”.

A shooter with a long history and a loyal audience. Halo Infinite will be the sequel to Halo 5: Guardians while kicking off the new adventures of Master Chief. Microsoft, of course, calls the game “the greatest adventure to save all mankind.” However, there are no special details about the project yet.

But earlier it was revealed that Master Chief’s Assault Armor “Mielnir” went back to its roots, getting a design from Halo 2 and Halo 3. There will be other nice references to the past for fans of the franchise.

Horizon Forbidden West

Coming out on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. No exact date voiced a window: the second half of the year. Most likely in the fall.

Well, this will be a continuation of the story begun in Horizon Zero Dawn: the female warrior Eloi will embark on yet another journey through a post-apocalyptic future world populated by strange robots. Now she wants to find the source of a contagion that kills everything she can get her hands on. It is clear that along the way Eloi will have to fight new unknown creatures, discovering new territories with a variety of climates.

Once again, the developers promise an “even more expansive world” to explore – sounds like a mantra, ensuring audience acceptance.

Resident Evil Village

Coming out for Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X in 2021.

According to the description, the game will take place several years after the events described in Resident Evil 7. The protagonist Ethan Winters returned to normal life, which he enjoys together with his wife. But the past doesn’t let Ethan go, and because of Chris Redfield, he finds himself in a mysterious snow-covered village somewhere in Europe. This is where everything will happen.

Ghostwire: Tokyo 

Ghostwire: Tokyo will be released for PlayStation 5 and PC in October 2021.

We were once impressed with this game thanks to crazy trailers – it looks very cool, and the gameplay trailers are also not lagging. Ghostwire: Tokyo is positioned as an action-adventure game, and it reminds something of Prey (at first glance) and similar titles.

God of War: Ragnarök

Will be released in 2021 for the PlayStation 5.

Adventura, which, among other things, should demonstrate all the charms and features of the new game console from Sony.

According to tradition, the game will be based on the legends of Norse mythology, Kratos and his son Atreus will go to the world of adventures of ancient Norway. It seems that the couple will make some performances: their actions will lead to Ragnarok – the death of the gods and the end of the world. Or not.

Long before its release, God of War: Ragnarök was honored as one of the most anticipated games of 2021. Check it out.

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