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Grounded’s human villain revealed?


Grounded is a promising survival sandbox game where you play for a shrunken human child (pictured above) trying to survive in a suburban backyard against swarms of monstrous insects.

While early access and some updates have hinted at a larger story, so far most of it is a mystery. Why are the kids shrunk? Was it a freak accident, or more likely, as is hinted by technology found around the yard, were these children the victims of an evil scientist? The developers have revealed in interviews that there will be a complex story, though it may be a year or so before we learn the truth. The following is speculation about one possible way the game could go. This is not coming from the devs, just a rumor:

Grounded players will eventually come across a woman using bug spray in her yard. The woman looks to be in her thirties, is white, has black hair, is fit, and is wearing a tank top and work pants because it is a hot day. You will only be able to find her in the day. You will have to follow her without her seeing you, or it’s game over. Eventually though, she will take out a weedwacker and go after some deep grass where a lot of dangerous insects live. The player will have to go inside the weedwacker to disable it. This is an entire new area to explore and surprisingly there are lots of insects inside that you have to worry about. Once the player disables the weed wacker, a swarm of insects attack the woman and cause her to flee into her house. Oh, one last thing. Apparently there are models of this woman in a white scientist lab coat.

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