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What Skills Should Video Games QA Testers Have?

For most people, especially those considering video gaming a significant part of their lives, being a video game QA tester is such a coveted job. Apart from having access to new releases of the games, video game testers get exclusive membership and a good income. Thus, being a videogame tester allows you to do what you love and benefit financially. 

The video gaming and e-sports industry is rapidly growing, and everyone seems to want a piece of the cake. Reports have shown that before the end of 2021, the industry will be worth over $138 billion.

The more the demand for video games rises, the more video game testers are needed. Based on the current trends in the video gaming industry, the demand for video games is set to go even higher, which means only one thing, more people will be looking to become video game testers

While that may seem like a dream that is not very far-fetched, it is important to have the right skill set to ensure that you become a master at your craft. The best video game testers need to display certain skills; otherwise, they won’t last very long in the industry. For instance, only talented gamblers can analyze an amazing game like Stack ‘Em slot and recognize its pros and cons. Similarly, video game testers have to possess prowess in these games. 

This will serve as a guide to becoming a video game QA tester. We will offer some great pointers that will ensure that you become the best video game QA tester there can be. We will also answer some frequently asked questions by those looking to video game testers both professionally and as a hobby.

What does a Video Games QA tester do?

What does a Video Games QA tester do?

The official job description for video game testers is quality assurance. They conduct video games quality assurance, and their primary role is to find bugs to be fixed before video games are released. As a video game tester, you will be expected to break the game. If you find any code that doesn’t work, you are required to root it out, which means that you have to apply uncommon methods of testing and playing. 

Video game testers are tasked with trying different game combinations to make sure everything functions as it’s supposed to. Above everything, video game testing requires creative thinking and going beyond the obvious. To do that, one needs to have a unique way of approaching one world in ways that the average player wouldn’t imagine possible.

On average, video game testers are required to play video games for hours on end, often taking timed breaks in between the playing sessions. As the development comes to a close, video game testers may be expected to play the game nonstop for 24 hours to find any problems that could be fixed at the last minute before the game is released. 

Some developers may even require them to perform specific tasks repetitively to ascertain the game’s performance. In some instances, they may be asked to switch the game on and off severally, sometimes up to a hundred times, so that companies can establish the average time it takes to load a game. 

Additionally, video game testers may be required to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, such as downloading movies or chatting live during sessions. Beginners in the video game testing industry may be called to play one level of a game several times as they try to find specific bugs.

Critical Skills for Video Games QA Testers

As a video game tester, one of the most critical skills you are required to have is paying attention to detail. Every single detail is essential and shouldn’t be brushed off as it may go a long way in improving the overall gaming experience for the players. Being able to pick up on the little details also gives companies a competitive advantage over their rivals. 

Secondly, video game quality assurance testers need to be highly creative individuals. When finding ways to break a game or root out a code that doesn’t work, creativity helps proficient video game testers to devise ways to fix the bugs while improving the gaming experience. You could work on their creativity by constantly taking breaks that allow them to regroup as they find new creative ways to solve problems.

For video game testers to be considered successful and productive, they need to avoid unnecessary distractions and stay focused. These individuals work under strict deadlines, especially as release dates draw closer. As a result, lack of focus may prevent one from meeting deadlines, which may eventually cost them their jobs. Gaming at their own convenience without paying attention to deadlines is not an efficient method of identifying and fixing bugs. 

Every successful video game tester should also ensure they have impeccable communication skills. This is because to ensure that all bugs are fixed, there needs to be constant and clear communication between the companies and the video game testers. The testers need to be able to articulate the problems identified coherently to avoid mix-ups. 

Once a video game tester has sent a bug report, they should consider the exchange done until the developers can confirm they have fixed the bug through an encrypted report. Clear communication ensures that time is saved by being straight to the point rather than dancing around the issue. Sometimes while trying to sort out the issue, video game testers may find that the problem involves more than just the developers. 

As a result, they may be required to communicate with other departments as they try to solve the issue at hand. Being a good communicator helps everyone involved have an easier time solving problems as well as executing assigned duties flawlessly.

Lastly, video game quality assurance testers need to possess a passion for their craft, resilience, and professionalism. Due to its unconventional nature, most beginners may fail to treat the profession with the seriousness it deserves. Video game testers need to uphold professionalism and embody values such as patience to ensure that the industry continues to grow, as it paves the way for the younger generation of video game testers.

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