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Dark Tales From Mexico – Prelude coming soon to Kickstarter

Looking for a promising indie horror game with great graphics, gothic strangeness, and developed by a Mexican indie focused around Mexican urban legends? Dark Tales From Mexico is the game for you. From the website:

is a saga of 9 short games and a 3D survival horror style prelude based on Mexican horror legends in which each spectrum is originally a physical epoxy plasticine sculpture made and hand painted and then scanned in 3D using photogrammetry.

You are Alma Guerrero, a young woman who lives with her grandmother Esperanza, she is the only relative you have left, but last night Esperanza did not return home, the only clue you have to find her, is a dream where you saw her inside the Cloister of San Jerónimo, an old building in the heart of Mexico City that is now used as a Museum.

Inside this Cloister (which is a recreation of the real Cloister where Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz lived and died), suddenly you are surrounded and trapped by darkness and then a talking black cat named Roble appears, who seems to know your grandmother and that for some reason, she also seems to know thousands of ancient legends and stories. The key to finding Grandma Esperanza and getting out of the Cloister is to face the specters that arise from those legends, so the cat can help Alma, but each story will question her own being, her true origin, who she really is and what she is. what you are really looking for within the Cloister.

Dark Tales from Mexico is a saga of 9 short games plus this prelude that has been in development for more than 4 years in which we have never stopped anthropological research and we have managed to collect not only thousands of Mexican horror legends , but also hundreds of references to Mexican horror culture, movies, radio programs, comics, books, etc., which will be hidden like Easter eggs everywhere in the games.

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I will definitely be backing this when it comes to Kickstarter in the coming weeks.

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