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1890430cookie-checkThe Intersection of Marketing and Professional Growth

The Intersection of Marketing and Professional Growth

Marketing and professional growth go hand in hand, not only for businesses like Vulkan Vegas but also for personal brands. It is this activity, marketing, that makes many people succeed as a brand in their respective industries.

Some call them influencers, and some call them professionals. What is the process of personal marketing, and how do you even start? Below are some key elements on how to do it right. 

Be an Expert on a Niche

One of the keys to succeeding in marketing yourself as a brand is by concentrating on one industry only. You must not present yourself as a jack of all trades because it diminishes your credibility. People tend to gravitate toward experts, but not to someone who seems to know it all. 

Here are the benefits of being an expert in a niche: 

  • It makes you a credible source of information.
  • You attract an audience interested in that niche only.
  • You become a go-to person for that topic or area.

A niche is your area of specialization. For example, some plastic surgeons have a YouTube channel. These people publish content where they react to skin care, cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeries—anything that has something to do with their profession.


As a professional, we suggest that you do the same. Surely, you have expertise in several subject matters. However, you must choose one only and present yourself as an expert in that area. 


Educate Your Target Market

Earlier, we mentioned something about plastic surgeons who have a channel on YouTube. Apart from reacting to videos and viral content online, they also make it a point to say something valuable in their videos. 


For example, the surgeon would advise about the different types of peels or different types of chemicals that they use for skin care. 


This is what it means to educate your audience. You must exert some effort into transferring knowledge from you to them. 


Educating your audience is important in marketing because: 


  • People who see and hear you will be able to tell if you are credible.
  • You can use this method to inspire people.
  • You can help people avoid mistakes, which you may have made in the past.


When doing this, ensure that your methodology does not sound preachy. Do not disparage the products or services of other people. Make sure that you stay as professional as you can. Keep in mind that the goal here is to impart knowledge, not to destroy the reputation of others.


Show Results

Showing results means that you must present your accomplishments. If you want to market yourself as a professional, people who view your profile must understand that you can deliver their expectations. 


Here are some examples: 


  • Show a report of your previous projects.
  • Publish testimonials from your clients.
  • Provide real-time demonstration of your skills.


Influencers do this all the time, particularly point number three. This is why professional make-up artists always show videos of themselves doing the makeup of someone. Some artists paint, and some musicians teach how to play a particular musical equipment.


Meanwhile, some people who provide services show results about the success of their clients or students. For example, professionals in the stock market and trading industry show how much money they make for their clients or themselves.


These results show people one thing: that you can be trusted and that you know what you are talking about.  Just be careful: do not lie and do not present questionable stats. 


Collaborate With Others

The last method we suggest you use to market yourself as a professional is to collaborate with others. What you want is a joint effort between you and another individual, preferably someone in the same industry as you are. Do not view this as a competition but rather a healthy partnership with other brands. 


The other choice is to partner with other influencers whose areas of expertise are somehow related to yours. For example, if you are a video animator, you can create content with a physician so you can provide stats in a more meaningful way. With this partnership, the followers of that physician will be able to see you, and they may even take a liking to you.


Final Thoughts

Personal branding is an important factor in success, especially now that the world can easily see who you are and what your accomplishments are. Everyone is doing it, and so should you. If you don’t, you may find yourself buried underneath a massive pile of online resumes and profiles.  


One of the things to keep in mind is to choose the right platform where you can market your brand. From here, you need to commit yourself to getting started. More importantly, you need to ensure that you are consistent with your endeavors. Otherwise, your marketing strategies will not yield the success you want.

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