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Amazon vs Netflix – Which One is Best?

Choosing between Amazon Prime and Netflix can feel like an epic battle between two mighty streaming giants. When it comes to premium entertainment delivered straight to your home, both services pack a serious punch. 

I’ve subscribed to each platform more than once trying to determine which reigns supreme. Just when I think I’ve got a winner, the underdog throws some new twist into the competition.

It’s no easy decision, but by pitting them head-to-head across key categories, we can break this heavyweight bout down round by round. Let’s start

Content Library

When it comes to depth and variety of content libraries, this battle is shaping up to be a Balrog versus Gandalf-level showdown.

  • In one corner, we’ve got Amazon casually flexing over 18,000 titles like hoarding media is its business (well actually it is). We’re talking more movies than the Oscars and enough bingeable series to fill all the elven kingdoms.
  • Yet just when you think Prime Video might claim the fantasy-franchise crown, Netflix whips out its own magician’s staff boasting 18,000+ spells to cast. I’ve spent endless hours getting lost in their genre realms digging up quirky indies, fascinating documentaries, and hidden gems I didn’t know I needed.

There’s crazy overlap, yet each realm has its own glorious niches. Netflix will supply your foreign film fix while Amazon brings the new release blockbusters. 

Original Programming

When it comes to which streaming sorcerer conjures up the most premium original magic, the battle grows even more intense. Both keep unleashing bigger budgets and attracting top talent, making it almost impossible to compare.

  • Netflix seems to have a fountain of coins to toss at originals, earmarking around $19 billion for 2022 alone. After all those Galleons, is it any wonder they used an enchanted chessboard to produce the pop culture sensation Stranger Things? They’ve got so many critical darlings, my watchlist runneth over.
  • Yet Amazon’s $11 billion annual budget is no joke – that’s troll treasure chest level spending! They’ve forged epic hits like The Boys that subvert the hero’s journey in wild ways. Still, Netflix has about a season’s lead when it comes to premium originals…for now.

Make no mistake – both streaming giants have enough original programming firepower to make Saruman shake in his boots. Choosing a “winner” here may come down to whose magical portal you access most. 

Availability of New Movies

When it comes to bringing newly released films straight from theaters to your couch, Amazon appears to have conjured up some insider wizardry. Through Prime Video, they’ve cracked open restricted vaults to add titles much faster than old Neflix here.

  • Amazon has partnered with several studios to lift the curtain on films mere weeks after their big screen debuts. We’re talking 45 days – just enough time to sweep away the popcorn.
  • Meanwhile, Netflix often makes wizards wait between 75-90 days before adding that same film! I hope you have spells to freeze time, because otherwise Netflix subscribers get hit with major FOMO. Some movies take 6 months or even a year to finally apparate across Netflix portals.

So, if you’re super impatient to see the latest blockbuster explosion wizardry at home, it seems Amazon may have solved that release date riddle over Netflix. 

Device Support

When it comes to dueling devices, both streaming services seem almost universally supported. You’d be hard pressed to find a gadget dragon or smartphone troll that doesn’t allow you to access Netflix or Amazon for all your binging needs.

  • Netflix has conquered nearly every streaming mountain, integrates with smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles – you name it.
  • Amazon Prime is just as ubiquitous, with its instant video reaching across generations of devices.

The rare exception seems to be Chromecast – Amazon and this Google gizmo just can’t seem to negotiate a truce. Even if you want to watch Amazon Prime from abroad, there are ways to access it. But short of that one standoff, both Netflix and Amazon have achieved universal device domination through their magical cloud servers. So, both are OK!


Speaking of allegiance, let’s explore what tithes and treasures each streaming kingdom requests for unlimited access.

  • On one hand, you’ve got Netflix with very clear-cut pricing tiers linked to number of devices you can stream on. Plans range from $6.99 to $19.99 so there’s flexibility for wizarding budgets big and small.
  • Amazon Prime membership rings up at $14.99 per month which lets you stream video plus reap shipping and shopping perks. If you do the math, that annual cost feels like a bulk bargain.

When it comes to straight video streaming, Netflix rates seem gentler on this wizard’s coin purse. Yet factoring in all the bonuses, an Amazon Prime membership could cast much more bang for your buck depending on needs. Between drones delivering packages and exclusive series dropping weekly, Prime makes a solid case to justify its precious metal price.

The Verdict

After many moons enchanted by both services, I must throw down my glowing staff and render a victor:

When it comes to pure video streaming, Netflix reigns supreme. Because of their prestigious originals and ever-growing library full of fantastical genres, Netflix captures more streaming magic in my eyes.

Yet Amazon Prime remains a mighty sorcerer – one surely capable of defending its video village against invasion. Considering the included shipping perks and bonuses offered with Prime, I could easily keep one foot pledged to Bezos’ kingdom.

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