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What We Know About Roblox Race V4 (Mink)

Roblox Race V4, also known as the Mink race, is one of the most anticipated race additions coming soon to the popular Roblox game Blox Fruits. As an evolution of the Fishman V3 race, Mink V4 promises exciting new abilities and powers for players in this One Piece-inspired universe.

what is the mink race v4 in roblox? The Mink V4 race in Roblox’s Blox Fruits is a highly sought-after race with unique abilities and advantages. To unlock the Mink V4 race, players need to follow specific steps and requirements. These include being in the 3rd sea, finding a hidden Mink in Zou, running a race and winning five times, and obtaining 20 carrots along with 2.5 million beli. Once unlocked, the Mink V4 race provides increased speed and unique abilities, such as the ability to teleport forwards with a cooldown.

Unlocking the Mink race requires completing challenging trials, but dedicated Blox Fruits grinders are eager to take on this task for the rewards it brings. The Mink race opens up new gameplay strategies, makes players more versatile in combat, and enables them to better support teammates.

For Blox Fruits fans eagerly awaiting the release of Mink V4, here is everything we know so far about this powerful new race.

How to Unlock Mink V4

Mink V4 will be one of the most difficult races to unlock in Blox Fruits. While the exact requirements are still unknown, we can expect the process to involve:

  • Reaching max level with Fishman V3 race
  • Completing a unique set of trials or objectives
  • Potentially collecting rare items or currency
  • Paying a substantial fee to unlock the race

Developers have hinted that the trials will test the limits of a player’s abilities and game mastery. Unlocking Mink V4 will likely require hours of grinding to acquire the prerequisites.

Dedicated players may want to start preparing now by:

  • Stockpiling Beli currency to pay for the race
  • Maximizing Fishman V3 capabilities
  • Practicing combat skills and boss battles
  • Completing quests and collecting rare loot

With sufficient preparation and skill, experienced Blox Fruits players will rise to the challenge and claim the Mink race for themselves. The effort will pay off in combat versatility and advantages.

Mink V4 Abilities

As an evolution of Fishman race, Mink V4 will retain some of the aquatic strengths while introducing new powers. Known and rumored abilities of Mink V4 include:

Enhanced Combat

  • Increased melee damage and combos
  • Faster attack speed and agility
  • New martial arts style ideal for close-quarters combat

Elemental Powers

  • Electricity generation and manipulation
  • Ability to envelop body in lightning aura for attacks
  • Potential other elemental powers like wind or sound

Versatile Movement

  • Maintains Fishman fast swimming ability
  • Gains enhanced mobility on land
  • Agile dodging and aerial attacks

Stealth and Perception

  • Heightened senses and intuition
  • Capability to move silently and unseen
  • Detect opponents through enhanced perception

Support Skills

  • Moderate healing ability
  • Can temporarily boost ally speed and damage
  • May gain small team buffs or debuffs

With this versatile power set, Mink V4 promises to be a highly adept race in both solo and team play. Players will need to master these new abilities to get the most out of the race.

Gameplay Strategies

Unlocking Mink V4 opens up new gameplay possibilities and strategies. Here are some tips to maximize your potential:


  • Use rapid combos and mobility to overwhelm enemies
  • Strike quickly then evade counterattacks
  • Use Electric Fist and other special attacks
  • Envelop in lightning aura when facing crowds


  • Leverage agility to dodge attacks
  • Use Haki and perception to anticipate threats
  • Retreat to water to regenerate and avoid damage


  • Use team buffs at key moments to boost damage
  • Provide spot healing to allies when needed
  • Disrupt enemies with distraction or stunning attacks


  • Clear quests and events quickly using abilities
  • Defeat bosses rapidly with combo attacks
  • Farm dungeons efficiently with teammate buffs


  • Catch opponents off guard with speed
  • Disrupt enemy combos with agility
  • Overwhelm with rapid, high-damage attacks -Leverage stealth and perception to evade and ambush

Learning when to apply offensive versus defensive tactics will let you shine in all facets of the game.

Updates and Future Developments

The full potential of Mink V4 remains unknown, as developers continue tweaking the race’s attributes. We can expect updates to bring:

New Abilities

  • Additional martial arts skills to expand combo options
  • Variants on electric attacks, such as chain lightning
  • Expanded support skills like area buffs

Stat Rebalancing

  • Adjustments to health, damage, speed, and stamina
  • Tweaks to ability power, cooldowns, and effects

Bug Fixes

  • Squashing exploits, glitches, and unintentional behaviors
  • Improving reliability and responsiveness

User Feedback

  • Developers will monitor player experiences
  • Popular requests may get incorporated
  • Future races could build on most successful Mink features

While the Mink V4 has big potential now, it is likely to get even more impressive over time. With the passion of Blox Fruits developers and community, the Mink stands to become one of the game’s most polished and popular races.

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