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Tame Your Lox in Valheim – Simple Guide

To tame a lox in Valheim, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a pen: To contain the lox, you need to build a stone pen or dig a pit. The pen should be made of stone or earth walls, with a one-wall-space-wide gap to lure the lox in. Make sure to leave enough space for yourself to toss food into the pen.
  2. Lure the lox: Once the pen is ready, you can lure a lox into it using arrows, cloudberries, or barley. Alternatively, you can use yourself as bait and lead the lox into the pen. If the lox becomes aggressive, you can try to outrun it or attack from a distance with a bow.
  3. Tame the lox: After the lox is trapped and calm, you can begin taming it by tossing cloudberries, barley, or flax into the pen. Hovering your cursor over the lox will show a percentage, indicating how close it is to being fully tamed. Once the lox is fully tamed, you can craft a lox saddle to ride it.
  4. Breed lox: To breed lox, you need to gather two tamed lox close together and leave food on the ground for them. Once they both consume the food and love hearts appear, they will produce a lox calf.

To craft a lox saddle, you will need 10 leather scraps, 20 linen thread (made from flax), and 15 black metal. Linen thread is obtained from flax using a spinning wheel. Once the saddle is crafted, you can add it to your toolbar and approach a tamed lox to saddle and ride it. Remember that lox can’t do much else once tamed, as they cannot breed or become your companions in battle. However, they can be a fun companion to help you traverse the plains of Valheim.

Understanding Lox Behavior and Benefits in Valheim

When you explore the Plains biome in Valheim, you’ll meet tough creatures like the Lox. These giants show fierce aggression but are also very useful. To make the most of Lox benefits, you need to understand how they behave. They wander the plains and tend to be at the top of the food chain. Smart players will see the value in Lox farming.

A good Valheim guide will explain how crucial it is to tame these beasts correctly. Once tamed, a Lox becomes a powerful ally in battle because of its strength. It can also haul heavy loads, making it easier to move resources in Valheim.

Taming a Lox does more than just give you a strong fighter. It starts a process that can lead to Lox taming benefits, like breeding. The Hearth and Home update lets players see a Lox calf being born if conditions are right. The environment needs to be calm, without a roof, and near other Lox and a caretaker.

Raising Lox is not just about having them around. It provides practical benefits too. Their hide and meat are valuable in the game. They help with survival and comfort. Using these products in crafting improves your chances of making it in Valheim.

Lox farming goes beyond survival, giving players power over the Plains biome.

Lox Yield Crafting Uses Culinary Uses Gameplay Benefits
Lox Meat Cooking, Pies, Platters Health Restoration
Lox Hide Lox Cape, Rugs Warmth, Decoration

By mastering Lox behavior, players gain many advantages. Tamed Lox are not just strong fighters. They also boost Valheim’s agriculture, crafting, and survival elements.

How to Tame Lox Valheim

Starting your Lox taming adventure in Valheim’s Plains biome needs smart planning and careful steps. You must understand the Lox’s behavior and their home to tame them right. This knowledge is key to a good taming strategy.

Trapping Techniques for Effective Taming

For trapping Lox, you can build a stone pen or a pitfall trap. A stone pen with a strong gate holds Lox well, especially if you lure them with cloudberries. A pitfall trap uses the land to catch them by surprise. Both ways are good tactics in the Plains to capture and tame Lox.

Effective Lox Taming Techniques

The Art of Feeding and Bonding with Your Lox

Connecting with your Lox starts with knowing how to feed them right. They like cloudberries, barley, and flax. When they eat what you offer and show yellow hearts, it means you’re bonding. Being gentle and feeding them regularly builds trust. This turns these great animals into part of your home.

Maintaining Proximity During Taming

Knowing how close you need to be to tame Lox is key. Stay within a 64-meter range to keep taming them. If you walk away too far, taming stops. You need to stay close. This shows how important it is to be careful and patient when taming in the Plains.


Taming a Lox in Valheim tests both patience and skill. It rewards players in their survival journey. Mastering Valheim Lox mastery is more than just gathering resources. It’s about living peacefully with mythical creatures. A successful Lox taming means knowing the creature well. This knowledge turns a scary beast into a trusted friend and helper.

Getting better at handling these majestic creatures teaches players valuable Valheim survival tips. It shows that being prepared and watchful can change a Lox from an enemy to a helpful ally. This hard work gives many rewards like lox meat for food and hides for making things. Most importantly, it fills you with pride. Being able to ride and breed Loxes changes the game, giving players a strong partner for battle and a way to explore Valheim’s big world.

Taming a Lox is a fulfilling challenge that captures Valheim’s adventurous essence. It’s impressive how learning such a skill as Lox taming conclusion opens new paths for players, introducing new ways to interact with the game world. These details make your adventure richer, helping you not just survive, but thrive in the Norse-like lands. For those who master it, controlling the mighty Lox is a remarkable achievement in their story of exploration and victory.

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