Advertiser Policy

Advertiser & Ad Policies

So here’s all the legal mumbo jumbo required to make known to you regarding some of the content that appears on this website, as well as the disclosure policies regarding advertisements and promotional content appearing on the site. You can also find a detailed breakdown of how some of this content affects user data on the privacy policies page right here.

Advertisers want it to be made known that the ads displayed on this site are done so with the  permission of the owner of One Angry Gamer and done so with their permission as well. Advertisers may target you with ads based on any applicable information they may have, which may include cookies or other user tracking data.

Additionally, One Angry Gamer as a web service is a registered participant in the Rakuten, Prosperant, Chitika, YllixMedia, Engageya and Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, the latter of which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising revenue through advertising and linking to or on One Angry Gamer.

Ads that appear on the site are wholly representative of the ad server or vendor and does not mean that One Angry Gamer as a site or any of its staff endorse the products, the company or any subsidiary affiliates that appear in the ads or are associated with the ads or its vendor.

If there are ads on the site that you feel should not be there, feel free to use the contact page and express why you feel the ad shouldn’t be on the site. You can use the admin(at) to find out how to get in touch with One Angry Gamer’s staff.

Regarding Monetary Exchange For Ads

If a company decides to actively and/or exclusively advertise on One Angry Gamer with either site-wide takeover ads, sponsored content, links, layers or active pop-ups, disclosures will be added to articles that may be related to content in the ads, or recusal may be put into effect.

Regarding Native advertisements

Companies are welcome to pitch native ads for One Angry Gamer. However, all native ads that appear on the site must be disclosed as such with a clearly labeled and defined disclosure statement within the body of the article, as per the regulations of the Federal Trade Commission regarding endorsements and disclosure.