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1417450cookie-checkTekken 7 Players In America Will Get Lucky Chloe

Tekken 7 Players In America Will Get Lucky Chloe

Tekken 7 producer Katsuhiro Harada has finally come clean to clarify his stance on Lucky Chloe coming to America: she will be in the game for North Americans. His initial response was a way to get back at the media for their hating and spamming attacks.

Niche Gamer and DualShockers spotted Harada’s latest tweets, replying to a very disgruntled and concerned gamer on Twitter who said that they would be done with Tekken since the “main man” behind the franchise called Americans “skinheads” and “meatheads”.

Harada, in a Twitlonger post, stated…

@HappyHappyist Because IGN didn't read all my tweet.
Media will see only what they want to see.
Many spammers/haters attacking us (That was an extreme prejudice and tons of dirty words. Of course I hate this happen), then I said just counter "sarcasm/joke"
Anyway, We promise an experience equal for all players, communities.
Haven't changed since the first TEKKEN.
And I hope you will understand us one day.

I’ve got to be honest here: it’s hard to tell sarcasm through Twitter sometimes (if at all). Even more than that is that Harada made a series of Tweets responding to NeoGAF and other SJWs attacking Lucky Chloe – it wasn’t just a single sarcastic remark. When people kept asking him if he was serious about removing Lucky Chloe from the American release of Tekken 7, he responded saying…

“I'm always serious. If you don't need = I don't release them. If you need = I'll release. That's all.”

Whenever anyone else asked about it, there was no further clarification on the matter. So, quite naturally a lot of people were left to assume that when Harada said he was serious it meant that he was serious. However, his most recent Twitlonger response makes it known that he was being “sarcastic”.

He does have a point about the spammers and haters, though. Sometimes it’s just a matter of ignoring them and going on about business. But using Twitter to try to dispense sarcasm is a difficult thing to do because 140 characters limits the responses to oftentimes come out either seeming sincere or questionably sarcastic.

Anyway, it’s good that Harada finally clarified the situation. I’m hoping the Gaffers buy a copy of Tekken 7 so #GamerGaters can challenge them to a fight with Chloe and beat the SJW extremism out of them. That would be a fight I would pay to see… on pay-per-view.

Tekken 7 is due out for Xbox and PlayStation. Epic Games previously mentioned that since it’s being developed on the Unreal Engine 4 that a PC version is likely, but we’ll have to wait and see what Bandai Namco’s publishing plans are before looking too much into the situation.

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