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Overwatch Gameplay Video Previews Torbjörn

Another new gameplay video was released for Overwatch, the new character being spotlighted is Torbjörn, a grizzly dwarf mechanic. He uses a molten lava pistol that does serious damage and has a turret to help him out and provide extra damage and support.

The video is only seven minutes long but it shows some really, really interesting gameplay. In fact, I would venture so far as to say that Torbjörn has some of the most fascinating gameplay mechanics in the game. After defeating an opponent he can also drop trinkets to help increase his teammates’ armor. Check out the gameplay video below.

I would definitely say that Torbjörn is a high-skill character. He has some mechanics that require actual skill and time to master. His ultimate is deadly but needs to be timed right and his turret is the kind of feature that can make or break a match depending on where it’s placed and how it’s used (as well as how efficient a player is at repairing it and keeping it active).

I’m also really liking how Torbjörn can upgrade the turret the more he works on it. It basically means that a player who wants a really strong big turret will have to spend a lot of time upgrading it, but at the cost of helping their teammates or fending off a position. He seems to be a very well balanced character with a lot of gives and takes depending on how he’s played.

Of course, a low-skill level player would likely be the detriment to their team playing as Torbjörn given that it’s easier for him to screw up than it is to do right by the team, but a high-skill level player could easily make the team unstoppable.

You can keep an eye on Overwatch as it preps for the beta this fall by visiting the official website.

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