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Life Is Strange: Episode 4 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix released Episode 4 for Life is Strange. The latest episode is a huge step back from the intense and well-paced Episode 3. It starts slow, it stays slow and there aren’t as many puzzles to contend with like in the previous episode. Even still, there are a few gameplay walkthroughs available to help gamers out during some of the more tricky segments.

As mentioned, the game doesn’t rely a whole lot on puzzles like in Life is Strange: Episode 3 Chaos Theory. Majority of the game is just talking and asking questions and a little bit of examining various scenarios. There are a few segments that could get tricky, so hints and tips are provided for those segments.

The first complete walkthrough comes courtesy of YouTuber Nizzulive. It’s nearly four hours long due to all the rewinding and snooping. You can check it out below.

There are very few serious puzzle moments. The only issue that might give some players some complications is the segment involving Frank. If you want to progress through the segment you need to have Chloe get rid of the gun and tell Frank that you “don’t want to fight”. If you ask Frank about “Rachel’s photo” he’ll give you the client list.

For the giant board with all the clues. Nathan’s SUV has a busted taillight, just match up the photos of his SUV with the one with the license plate on it and match it with the numbers tracking his license plate.

After you get the phone, the sim card, and Nathan’s student file, you’ll need to find out what the pin code is to unlock the phone. You can lock the phone with the code 4436, although on the pre-paid card the code 1111 is printed. Alternatively, you can enter the PUK to access the contents of the phone by entering the code 87897808

From there you’ll need to match up the text messages with the clues from the phone to find the location. It’s an abandoned barn that you need to get to.

While you’re at the barn and once you unlock the underground bunker there’s a keypad that requires a code. The keycode for the pad is three digits: 542

There’s an alternate playthrough available with commentary if you want to check it out, courtesy of YouTuber NukemDukem.

The game borrows heavily from the Ashton Kutcher movie The Butterfly Effect and the whole end of the world theme and ambient music is so similar to Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko.

Two thirds into the game things finally start picking up, but it seems like Dontnod really needed to fill out the game with a lot of fluff as opposed to the third episode. But, the final 20 minutes are quite harrowing and the twist at the end is something I don’t think anyone would ever see coming.

Life is Strange: Episode 4 Dark Room is available right now for home consoles and PC.

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