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1413270cookie-checkGTA 5 Online 1.30 Solo Glitch Allows Players To Make Infinite Money
11 October 2015
2 min read

GTA 5 Online 1.30 Solo Glitch Allows Players To Make Infinite Money

So long as GTA 5 Online will exist there will be some people looking to find money glitches. The latest solo glitch for GTA Online‘s patch 1.30 allows players to make an infinite amount of money using a very easily exploitable glitch that I’m surprised Rockstar hasn’t fixed… yet.

YouTuber xReelGamingx has up a quick solo glitch for 1.30 that only takes a few minutes to complete

Essentially you go into an invite-only session and get a vehicle called the Dubsta. It’s an SUV.

Store the Dubsta in your garage. Once it’s in the garage press the “Start” button and go to “Online” and then go to “Jobs” and then “Play Jobs”. Select the “Rockstar Created Missions” and start the mission “Denial of Service”.

When the mission starts you’ll already be seated inside the Dubsta. Drive to the Los Santos Customs shop near the airport but do not go inside. Instead, go to the parking lot. You’ll need to look for a second Dubsta that should be either gold or chrome. It should spawn in the parking lot.

According to xReelGamingx if the chrome/gold Dubsta 2 does not spawn into the parking lot, drive up and down the street about four times and check back. Eventually it will spawn into the parking lot.

After it does spawn get into the second Dubsta and head into Los Santos Customs. Put a tracker on the vehicle and nothing else. Leave Los Santos customs and drive the gold/chrome Dubsta 2 back to your own garage.

GTA 5 - Dubsta 2

If you get back to your original Dubsta you can rinse and repeat this method after exiting the mission and starting it again, with the chrome/gold Dubsta 2 spawning in the parking lot of Los Santos Customs. You can get the chrome/gold Dubsta once more and bring it into the shop, put a tracker on it and then store it in your garage. Essentially you can stockpile a bunch of Dubstas, which are worth quite a bit of money – around $20,000 – and keep selling them.

This is one of the latest glitches to be found in the game so expect Rockstar to patch it out or hotfix it soon so that they can get back to forcing people to buy Shark Cards.

Some players have stated that they don’t have the mission available in their mission list, while others have stated that nothing spawns in the parking lot of Los Santos Customs. Others have stated that the glitch still works in GTA V‘s online mode. If it doesn’t work for anyone then Rockstar may have already patched it out.