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1888510cookie-checkIs it worth using cheats in RDR2?

Is it worth using cheats in RDR2?

No, it is not worth using cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). While cheats may seem tempting, they can ruin the gameplay experience and prevent you from saving your progress. Here are some key reasons why cheats are not recommended for RDR2:

Is it worth using cheats in RDR2

Cheats Disable Saving and Achievements

  • Using cheats in RDR2 prevents you from manually saving your game progress. Auto-saving still works, but you cannot intentionally save at a certain point.
  • Enabling cheats also disables achievements and trophies. You cannot earn any of the game’s achievements if cheats are active.

Cheats Remove Challenge and Progression

  • Cheats make the game too easy by giving you unlimited resources, invincibility, etc. This removes the challenge of gathering resources and progressing naturally in the game.
  • It eliminates the need to hunt, collect money, and complete missions/quests. The sense of reward and accomplishment is lost.

Cheats Affect Immersion and Roleplaying

  • Using cheats reduces immersion in the story and world. Instead of roleplaying realistically as Arthur Morgan, cheats let you mess around with unrealistic abilities.
  • It breaks consistency and realism when you suddenly have unlimited dead eyes or invincibility. The world feels less grounded.

Natural Progression is More Satisfying

  • Gathering resources, hunting, and earning money naturally through missions and side activities provide a sense of satisfaction and progression.
  • Upgrading gear, abilities, etc. feels more rewarding when you put in the effort legitimately versus just obtaining everything through cheats.

Plenty of Legitimate Options

  • There are already plenty of built-in options to earn money and resources without cheats:

Money Making Activities:

  • Hunting and selling animal parts, pelts, etc.
  • Finding and selling valuables like jewelry, coins, etc.
  • Robbing homes, trains, stagecoaches
  • Playing poker and other minigames
  • Selling herbs and tonics you craft

Resource Gathering:

  • Looting enemies and areas
  • Skinning animals from hunting
  • Finding resource caches out in the world
  • Purchasing resources from stores and merchants

So in summary, avoiding cheats allows you to truly experience everything RDR2 has to offer. The gameplay and progression are more rewarding without cheats enabled. Rockstar has provided plenty of built-in options to succeed that don’t require compromising your game experience.