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Here’s How To Find The Gainer .44 Revolver In Fallout 4

One of the most reliable revolvers in Fallout 4 is the Gainer .44 revolver. Although the gun is pretty good, it is also quite simple to get without doing any long or complicated quests. This quick guide will let you know how to get the gun in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of Bethesda’s new open-world, action-RPG.

To obtain this revolver you won’t have to initiate any quest to get the Gainer. According to the Pip-Boy, you will have to go to the Vitale Pumphouse, which contains the Unique weapon the Gainer. In addition to this, northeast of Diamond City and east of Finch Farm you will find the Vitale Pumphouse.

Once you reach the Pumphouse and enter through the main door, it will take you directly to the location that you will need to be, which is down some steps to a room that contains a console and a locked door. To open the locked door you will need to turn around and read a code on the wall underneath the steps you came down.

On the wall will contain the numbers 0451. The first number won’t be exactly what you will type into the console in order to open the door. Instead, when typing in the numbers on the console you will need to first put the number ’10’ on the first slot, and follow the rest with ‘4’, ‘5’ and ‘1’.

After punching in the code it will open the door to the room that contains the Gainer, which will be next to a headless bloody skeleton. You can watch a video guide that Camelwork posted up, as seen below.

According to the gun’s stats, it has a base damage of 48, and can set enemies on fire for 15 points of damage. The Gainer also has a fire rate of six, a range of 119, a weight of 4.6 and accuracy of 74. The magnum also uses .44 ammo, which is sorta common to find around the wasteland or at vendors. For those that aren’t happy with the gun, it holds a value of 468.

Lastly, like any other weapon, you will be able to upgrade the gun with different mods, which obviously ranges from the barrel, receiver, the grip and sights.

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