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How To Get Grognak’s Axe And Armor In Fallout 4

For those that just started off in Fallout 4 and would like to wield a nice axe, you might want to go to Hubris Comics and get Grognak’s axe, which is also near Grognak’s armor. Both these items are considered unique items and will prove to be somewhat trustworthy in the heat of battle.

Axe handlers don’t mind getting some wasteland blood on them, and if you are in need of a good axe with a nice barbaric outfit, Grognak’s set might be something worth checking out in the beginning. Any enemy hit by this weapon will take bleed damage with the first swing, making it handy in wearing enemies down.

For those that don’t know the location to get Grognak’s axe and armor, you will have to go to Hubris Comics, which is right near Trinity Plaza. Inside the building contains some zombies that you will have to take out that aren’t too hard. The axe is inside a broken glass case that requires advanced lock-picking, or advanced hacking with a terminal right near the case.

Once you get the axe out, you can start swinging away at any enemy. Looking over to the armor, you will need to go upstairs and clear some enemies out. Once you’re done with that, you will find Grognak’s armor inside of a locker on the second shelf.

You can check out Outside The Box‘s how-to video that shows you where both Grognak’s items are, which spans for three minutes, as seen below.

The damage on the axe comes in at 52, with speed at medium, with weight coming in at ten and a value of 100. When attacking enemies with this weapon you will cause them to stagger, while doing bleed damage added on. Looking over to the armor, you will obtain a damage resistance of ten, energy and radiation resistance of 15, a weight of two, a value of 24, and will give you plus two to your strength.

Lastly, this weapon is good for those that like their characters to be more of a melee type build early on in the game, which should help you out until you can find some better equipment. Thankfully this little bit of info is useful for not only PC gamers, but also those who play Fallout 4 on the Xbox One and PS4.

Author: Ethan

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