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Overwatch Themed Gaming Mouse, Keyboard Announced By Razer

Razer has announced that they plan to launch an Overwatch line of gaming peripherals for the release of Blizzard’s new shooter in spring of 2016. The peripherals include a DeathAdder Chroma Gaming Mouse, a BlackWidow Chroma Gaming Keyboard and a Goliathus mouse pad.

The three new peripherals were announced during the BlizzCon 2015 weekend, where a brief teaser video was released to give gamers an idea of how the products would intertwine with Blizzard’s newest, team-based first-person shooter. Check it out below.

Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO, commented about the three new gadgets to help flesh out a gamer’s hardware portfolio, stating in the press release…

“Overwatch is one of the most sought-after titles out there and it’s a blast to play,” […] “We’re excited to bring Blizzard players, our own fans, and PC gamers everywhere the preferred FPS peripherals of eSports athletes from world-leading teams. Clad in a custom-designed theme and with in-game Chroma lighting effects created by Blizzard specifically for the keyboard and mouse, these peripherals add another layer of immersion to the Overwatch experience.”

The Chroma Gaming Mouse covers 200 inches per second with 50G acceleration. It has a gold-plated USB connector, 10,000DPI, and 16.8 million customizable colors that can also change according to what’s happening on-screen in Overwatch. The Chroma Gaming Mouse will carry a $79.99 price tag in the U.S., and €99.99 in the European Union.

Overwatch BlackWidow Gaming Keyboard

The BlackWidow Chroma Gaming Keyboard will feature color alterations based on the gameplay taking place on-screen in Overwatch, and will feature a 60 million keystroke lifespan so you don’t have to worry about it dying right out of the gate. It, too, will also feature 16.8 million customizable colors for the backlit keyboard. The Razer Synapse is also enabled for full control over how the keyboard behaves in your favorite games with fully programmable keys, along with 1ghz ultrpolling and an improved indicator panel over the last BlackWidow outing.

You can look for the Overwatch-themed Chroma Gaming Keyboard to arrive on the scene for $179.99.

The Goliathus gaming mouse pad will be available for $34.99.

All three of the peripherals will launch alongside Overwatch this upcoming spring in 2016. For more info about each of the three newly announced devices feel free to visit the official Overwatch section of Razer’s website.

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