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Technomancer Trailer Details Companions, Skills And Romance

Spiders’ upcoming action-RPG called The Technomancer recently received a new trailer detailing the game’s combat skills, fighting stances and a few of the companions that will join the main character, Zachariah, on his journeys.

The trailer is hurried through for whatever reason, attempting to squeeze in tons of gameplay details within the confines of only two and a half minutes. You can check out the new Technomancer trailer below, as spotted by Blues.

The trailer has a ton of content to cover, including the ability to romance characters throughout the game world, and even scavenge for goods and craft unique weapons and items in the game.

According to Focus Home Interactive, the publisher of Spiders’ upcoming third-person action-RPG, The Technomancer, they stated in the press release…

“It’s not all about the combat, though, with a deep, modular crafting system changing the visible and active qualities of clothing and weapons from scrap you find on Mars. Cut off from Earth for 120 years, Mars is a world in conflict, with many different cultures and communities – and the games weapons and clothing reflect this quality, with jury rigged and make-shift weapons and armor, designed for survival, or militaristic rule!”

The custom clothes options looks very detailed and for Spiders to be as small as they are, the customization looks really good. I’m thoroughly impressed with the amount of content and options they’ve added into The Technomancer, so far.

The combat looks quite satisfying, it has a Witcher feel to it, which is pretty cool. And so far the game seems to be establishing its own style and theme; it reminds me of sci-fi movies from decades ago – stuff like The Ghost of Mars, Blood of Heroes and Total Recall.

The added stealth options during missions is also pretty cool, which should add a bit of replay value and gameplay variety to the mix.

The Technomancer is due for release in 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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