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1414580cookie-checkFallout 4 – Here’s How To Go Invisible Forever In
2 December 2015
2 min read

Fallout 4 – Here’s How To Go Invisible Forever In

A new glitch in Fallout 4 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 allow players to go invisible and stay invisible while moving. This glitch or exploit also allows players to be hidden while moving around in front of enemies, making it a very handy glitch for exercising stealth skills.

For those looking to get to point A to B, and wanting to avoid death while trying to get to any location, this new invisibility glitch will help you in doing just that. Not only will you be invisible, but you will also be undetected by enemies around you. However, players will be required to obtain certain items and perks to make this glitch work successfully.

First, you will need the sneak skill or perk at rank five — you will have to be at level 30 to do so — this will help with enemies from a distance so that they can’t detect you. The second step consists of you getting a power armor torso piece that has the stealth boy mod on it, or you can get some normal armor that has the Chameleon legendary perk on it. Both two pieces of armor will allow you to go invisible when you duck while standing still.

Making the glitch easier to do, you will need to go third-person and duck for around three-second while you are invisible. After that, you will need to stand up then duck, and stand up again as fast as possible. In addition, you will need to stand, and while you are in the middle of doing that you will need to duck back down, and during the middle of that you will need to stand up again.

If you did it successfully you will be invisible while standing, this will make it where some/all enemies won’t be able to detect you if the glitch was done successfully. You can watch Outside The Box perform this Fallout 4 glitch below.

To exit the glitch you will need to take the Chameleon armor off and duck and stand back up to be visible. However, it is advised that you put the armor back on so that if you need to do the glitch again you can. For those that did the glitch in the power armor, and used the stealth boy mod on it to get into the glitch, the next time you duck it will turn you back to being visible.

Lastly, the Fallout 4 glitch seems to have some issues with certain enemies still being able to see you as if you weren’t invisible. In addition, this hasn’t been confirmed why they are able to see you, but it doesn’t happen often, though.