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1410860cookie-checkFallout 4 Glitch – How To Do New Caps Glitch On Prydwen After Patch 1.02
14 December 2015
1.5 min read

Fallout 4 Glitch – How To Do New Caps Glitch On Prydwen After Patch 1.02

For those that are a part of the Brotherhood of Steel faction in Fallout 4 glitch, and you made it on the Prydwen ship, then you will be in luck. There is a new glitch after patch 1.02 that involves Technical Documents that lets you get rich quickly, and works after the recent patch for Fallout 4. This glitch works for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The only downside about this glitch is that you have to join up with the Brotherhood of Steel, but besides that, anyone can do this caps glitch if they need quick currency. The first part of the fallout 4 glitch will require you to get Technical Documents, which are found across the wasteland. After getting one or more, use Dogmeat to do the stacked duplication glitch with the Technical Documents.

In addition to this, it’s best to have two stacks of more than 1,000 Technical Documents. From here, go to the Brotherhood of Steel’s Prydwen and talk to Proctor Quinlan who will pay you in caps for each Technical Document you give him. However, you will need to give Quinlan 2,000 to 2,500 Technical Documents to get paid the correct amount. If you give him more than that amount it will say you got it, but you actually won’t get the given amount displayed in the text.

If this glitch is done successfully, you can get a lot of caps in no time. Something worth noting, the two parts that might give players a problem is the Brotherhood of Steel’s Prydwen not being accessible in your game, and the Dogmeat duplication stackable glitch with the Technical Documents.

You can actually make a stash of your duplicated Technical Documents so that you can go back and get them and trade them to Quinlan. This method is also good for making back-ups of your Technical Documents in case you need to make more caps. With that said, you can watch Outside The Box perform this glitch below.

If you need to find a few Technical Documents, head on over to the far east of the map near Prydwen and go to Fort Strong. Once you are at Fort Strong you will be able to get some Technical Documents. You can also find them all around in boxes and other common places across the wasteland.