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1417420cookie-checkTechnomancer Screenshots Feature The Strange And Crazy Wildlife On Mars

Technomancer Screenshots Feature The Strange And Crazy Wildlife On Mars

Spiders, the developers behind the upcoming third-person sci-fi RPG, The Technomancer, have released some new screenshots of the game.

The screenshots focus entirely on the strange wildlife of Mars, some of which are very dangerous while others are tamable. The screenshots were posted on All Games Beta along with the press release for the creatures. The press release states…

“While originally bred as domestic animals, the harsh living conditions on Mars led these creatures to develop effective defense mechanisms – poison, camouflage, brute force… The longer Mars is cut off from Earth, the more dangerous Mars’ new wildlife grows. They will aggressively defend their territory should you trespass it.”

The “domesticated” aliens appear to work as transportation for some of the inhabitants of Mars while other aliens are large, deadly and gross looking. Check out the screenshots below.





If some of those crazy looking creatures look like a mix of various other insect and animals you might find here on Earth, it’s because in the game’s lore humans genetically modified various specifies to supposedly adapt to Mars but things didn’t turn out so well.

You can see a mix of bugs, amphibians, hunters and mammals all taking turns on various body parts of the alien creatures to shine through. Spiders’ art team are a really talented bunch to make the inhabitants of Mars look as disturbing as they do with that level of graphics fidelity. I would definitely hate to go face-to-face with any of the creatures in the screenshots above.

So far the gameplay reminds me a lot of Jade Empire or Knights of the Old Republic. If you’ve already played Spiders’ Mars War Logs then you might have an idea of what the gameplay mechanics will be like in The Technomancer, which utilizes upgraded animations, graphics, playability and controls based on what Spiders accomplished with Mars War Logs.

The Technomancer is set to launch in the early half of 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can learn more about the action-RPG by visiting the official website.

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