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Five Nights At Freddy’s World Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s World is already out and available for PC. The game is coming soon to mobile devices. A lot of gamers have a hard time getting through the game and have been looking up all sorts of hints, tips and guides to help them get past some of the common parts where a lot of gamers are getting stuck, especially with the glitch world. Well, there’s a completely gameplay walkthrough for Five Nights at Freddy’s World that covers the game from start to finish while also detailing some of the attacks and explaining how to defeat some of the bosses.

YouTuber FusionZGamer has a very comprehensive walkthrough of the game while describing how to debuff enemies, attack enemies, use character buffs and how to get through each area in Five Nights at Freddy’s World. You can check out the complete walkthrough below.

You can acquire new party members at random. A new animatronic will challenge your party at any time and if you defeat them you can add them to the roster of potential characters to join your team.

When you travel through the glitch world you can get to new worlds. As you discover new worlds you can instantly jump to these worlds using the jump button on the right side of the screen when on the map world map. To checkpoint a world location you should see a giant, brownish, wooden looking button on the ground. Activate the button to checkpoint that area.

You have to move around the main world map to progress through each location where you find and talk to Fredbear. In Fazbear Hills you need to move through the area and talk to Fred to find the glitched tree. You move through the glitched zone to get to the forest. Find Fredbear again who will direct you to the next location, the Dusting Fields.

Five Nights at Freddy's World

Move through the fields to the Mysterious Mine and find the glitched rock in the Dusting Fields to get to the next area. There’s a glitched tree inside the glitched rock. You’ll find the glitched tree if you go to your right, head up and around a group of trees and then head back to your left. You should see the glitched tree that will take you into a deeper level of the glitched world. Simply find the exit by moving up through the glitch world to get to Choppy Woods.

Talk to Fredbear who will direct you to travel across Lillygear Lake. If you want to find the shops and stores you’ll need to move through the lake to find the teleporter after you defeat the octopus. The teleporter in Lillygear Lake will take you to the tent in Choppy Woods that will allow you to enter the Pinwheel Circus.

To get to the next area, move up through the Lillygear Lake to go to an upper part of Choppy Woods where there’s a windmill. There’s a glitched tree just south of the windmill. Move through the glitched tree and then there’s a second glitch you’ll need to pass through to move into the lower layer of the glitched zone and then find the next glitched tree to come out of the lower layer. If you follow the path through the first layer of the glitch you’ll come out in the Blacktomb Yard. Find and talk to Fredbear to proceed through the area.

Head to the bottom of Blacktomb Yard with the tomb stones. You can walk past the tree (it’s transparent) and you can enter the mines.

Five Nights at Freddy's World

While in the mines you’ll need to defeat the boss to get the special item in the gold chest and then look for a glitched rock within the mines. You’ll find a glitched tree at the bottom of the area. It’s a tree slightly indented between two other trees. When you move through the glitch within a glitch there is another object that will take you to another part of the glitch. If you go north you will move into the third layer of the glitch, which is basically just a series of black and white scanlines. If you follow the path you will move through each of the glitched areas and eventually come out at the Pinwheel Circus again.

Move through the area and you will find Fredbear once again. He’ll tell you to find a hidden funhouse. After you defeat the Ballboy boss you will have to venture through the Pinwheel Funhouse, which has quite a few multiple routes.

For the Glitched Ending Following the Instructions Below

You’ll need to venture through the Pinwheel Funhouse until you get back to Blacktomb Yard. The image below is where you’ll need to end up after you venture through Funhouse; you should be outside. From there venture down until you get to a glitched rock.

Five Nights at Freddy's World - End Guide

It gets tricky but you’ll next have to venture through the glitched world and follow the path up toward a glitched tree like the one in the image below.

Five Nights at Freddy's World - End Guide

From there you’ll move through the second layer of the glitched world where there’s a glitched object hidden behind a transparent object. You’ll need to pass through the transparent object to get into the glitched area. This will take you into the third layer.

Five Nights at Freddy's World - End Guide

From there, you’ll move through the third layer and you’ll have to go up and take the long pathway to your right. You’ll end up at an area that looks like it’s blocked off but it’s not. As you can see in the image below, it’s actually a hidden passageway that will lead you into the fourth glitched layer. You will need to pass through the wall to get to the fourth glitch zone.

Five Nights at Freddy's World - End Guide

This will take you to the glitched ending of Five Nights at Freddy’s World. If you glitch through the pond in the fishing area you will fall through the screen for a few seconds and then get a special hidden ending.

For the Good Ending Follow the instructions below

When you’re moving through the Pinwheel Funhouse, you’ll need to follow the map to get to a special area in the Blacktomb Yard. If you follow the map below you need to end up in the location highlighted on the map. From there you will find a glitched wall to walk through (it won’t take you into the glitched zone) and it will allow you to move through the wall and to a secret area of the map. You will need to head to your right to face off against the boss… Bubba.

Five Nights at Freddy's World - Map

After you defeat Bubba keep heading to your right and there’s a secret passageway through the wall you can walk through that will lead you to Fredbear who is just south after you pass through the wall.

Follow the glitched world but try not to go down into the fourth layer. Be sure to watch part 6 in the video walkthrough above to see exactly how to get through the glitched area. If you follow it through you should be able to get through it. However, you will need to need to follow the steps above for the glitched ending to get to the third layer. However, instead of using the step to get to the fourth layer, follow the pathway in the third layer up to the top of the area to get out of the third layer and head back to the Lillygear Lake.

You will need to fight the pork boss to get a key.

You will need to head back to Dusting Fields and use the key on the lock on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

You will need to press each of the buttons behind a locked box within each of the game worlds before heading to the final boss.

The final security gate is at the Pinwheel Funhouse. If you need help finding the locations for each of the locked walls guarding the buttons, you can use the map below where the locations are highlighted in red.

Five Nights at Freddy's World Button Locations

For the owl boss you will need to bring the Crying Child and Endoskeleton. You can use the gift boxes to keep your team revived and use the Endoskeleton to put up the wall to guard your team. FunsionZGamer also has the secret ending of the game included as well, which includes a guy holding his two sons (some believe the secret ending consists of Scott Cawthon and his two sons).

As for help with the attacks, defenses and abilities, you can check out the list below, which describes what each move does in the game.

The first move for non-healing characters usually does standard damage to enemies. The second move is usually a debuff or party buff, and the third move is usually a special attack.

  • Jump Scares can stun multiple enemies to prevent them from attacking. [stun]
  • Cupcakes heal party members. [heal]
  • Party Favors heals party members and attack enemies. [heal]
  • Regen Song is a heal over time that continually adds small amounts of HP to your party each turn. [heal]
  • Mic Toss is a basic physical attack. [attack]
  • Hook is a standard phsyical attack. [attack]
  • Pizza Wheel is a multi-enemy attack that damages all enemies on screen. [attack]
  • The Munchies is a multi-enemy physical attack. [attack]
  • The Poppers attack is a timed mine-type attack that blows up after several rounds. [attack]
  • Sludge is a debuff that lowers the speed of enemies. [debuff]
  • Rainy Day lowers the defense of an enemy. [debuff]
  • Gloom Song is a debuff that lowers the attack power of the enemy. [debuff]
  • Toxic Bite and Toxic Balloon are attacks with poison damage over time. [DOT]
  • Hot Cheese is a standard multi-enemy damage over time attack. [DOT]
  • The Mystery Box Z will pick teammates and add anyone to your team from the entire roster with their maxed out moves, some of these characters will be strong while others may not be that strong.
  • Unscrew works against mechanical enemies. [???]
  • Power Song will increase the power of your party. [buff]
  • Armor Song will increase the defenses of your party. [buff]
  • Gift Boxes can restore the entire team if they’ve perished in battle. [heal]

Five Nights at Freddy’s World is available right now for $9.99 over on the Steam store page.

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