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Dragon Saga Beginner’s Guide

Dragon Saga, a free-to-play MMORPG, recently became available on Steam, after undergoing multiple licensing and publishing issues over the years. It was previously known as Dragonica and another title before that. Each iteration of the game was shut down at some point or another until it recently resurfaced on Steam by Gravity Interactive. For new gamers just stepping into the fray, there is a beginner’s guide available to help rundown the basics of the gameplay and what you can expect from the early goings all the way up to the end game.

YouTuber Mr Solomon has been doing a complete gameplay walkthrough guide for Dragon Saga for the past three years. That’s right, it’s a guide that’s been going on for three years! He starts with the basic gameplay elements of making a character, getting quests, learning about the general store items and how to make use of the skills, combos, cash shop items and macros. You can check out the playlist below.

Human and Dragonkin are the two races. There are multiple classes for each race. There’s a total of four classes. In the video the human race is chosen and the classes include a Warrior, a Magician, an Archer and a Thief.

Unlike other games where the combat is take turns or tab-targeted, Dragon Saga uses real-time combat with a heavy emphasis on combo skills. It’s very similar to typical beat-’em-up games and it utilizes a chain-combo tactic that allows players to string together attacks to take down foes. Players gain more experience by chaining more combos together, and every several hundred combos players will be rewarded additional experiences for being able to keep the chain going. The main goal is to rack up a combo as high as possible to get the most bonus experience as possible.

The game also has skill macros that allow players to pay for macros to save on hotkeys and automatically string combos with a simple button press. In the video he mentions that macros are not necessary for lower-level players and it’s best to leave the macros alone until around level 50.

In the video Mr. Solomon uses a Sealed Elf Set to speed up the leveling process. It’s essentially level 40 armor with “dumbed” down defenses for a lower level player.

At the general shop, Solomon explains that town return scrolls are not necessary and a better alternative is to utilize the puff towers to teleport or warp between towns.

During the mission you can sometimes engage in mini-bonus games. It’s a slight survival bonus round where you have to kill every monster within a short amount of time to access a special treasure chest that will grant you some extra gear or items.

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One thing worth noting is that if you kill a boss that has mobs spawned around it, all the mobs will automatically die. It’s useful if you or you teammates are low on life and the mobs are giving you a tough time – just focus on the main boss, take his life down and kill him to avoid losing life or wasting resources on boss mobs.

If you need help with understanding how each item works or how to utilize certain services or features, such as the Soul Craft, you can use the Book of Guidance. It has a breakdown of many of the enchanting and special options available for some of the items, such as Soul Crafting standard gear to turn it into uncommon or rare gear. Gaining rare or high-level gear and Soul Crafting them will allow them to be turned into Legendary gear.

The walkthrough series above covers the game all the way up to level 60 and even the finale of the game, which is crazy. Dragon Saga is available right now on Steam as a free-to-play title, and has already garnered a rather strong following despite being more than half a decade old.

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