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7 February 2016

How To Tame And Find The Gallimimus In Ark: Survival Evolved

If you’re looking to tame a Gallimimus in Studio Wildcard’s Ark: Survival Evolved, folks will find that taming it can be quite tricky, since it can die so fast during the taming process. However, there is a simple way to capture the creature and check on its torpor, and using its favorite food, Kibbles, to your advantage.

If you’ve been playing Ark: Survival for sometime now, you’ll likely have the materials to build Gallimimus’ mount or saddle. Players will be able to build the saddle with 240 Hide, 160 Fiber, 120 Wood, and with 25 Metal Igonts. Crafting this saddle requires players to be at level 30 or higher, and lets three players ride on a tamed Gallimimus.

In addition to this, the person in the middle will be able to control the creature, while the two in the front and back will be able to use their weapons or items while mounted.

But if you’re the type that wants to tame the Gallimimus, it’s best to note that it likes Kibbles (Dimetrodone eggs), Vegetables, and Mejoberries. Those consumable foods will make the very fast and flexible dinosaur happy, which is good for covering a lot of ground or acting as a spotter.

Looking over to the taming aspects of the paranoid Gallimimus, one of the best ways to capture it is to grab it with a Quetzal and either have a tribe member knock it out above a safe location, or drop it into a closed cage that it can’t escape. It’s best recommended, due to the creature’s low health, to use highly torpor-efficient weapons like a tranquilizer dart to capture it, without an accidental death.

If instead you want to use tranquilizer arrows, it’s best to shoot the target in small rounds and not in quick successions. Moreover, this is due to the nature of torpor application, which a percent of the damage is divided across the Gallimimus’ torpor both instantly and as a constant over time, meaning that it is possible to kill the target prior to the torpor-over-time effect to have ended from earlier shots. It’s also advised to use the telescope or magnifying glass to see the Gallimimus’ life while it’s caged or being suspended by a Quetzal, giving you a better gauge on the capture process.

Before jumping into the “how-to” video, the Gallimimus torpor depletion time before it all runs-out increases by one minute when it’s at level 1 to 20, and from 20 to 50, and from 50 to 75. This algorithm scales up to level 120, and is coupled with a torpor depletion time of around 1.35 with the aforesaid levels.

These creatures can be found in the South Islet, the Grand Peak, the Maw, and the Northeast Shores. You can watch the full process of capturing Gallimimus, which starts at the seven minute mark, courtesy of YouTuber Sl1pg8r.

Studio Wildcard’s Ark: Survival Evolved is available for PC and Xbox One, and just received a new prehistoric creature in the latest update, which is the Terror Bird.

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