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Hurtworld Basic Crafting Guide For Beginners

One of the most popular games on Steam right now that you probably don’t hear much about is Bankroll Studios’ Hurtworld. It’s another Rust or DayZ clone, with minimalistic graphics and a deep reliance on crafting and survival. The title is still in Early Access on Steam but gamers looking to hop in and need a little help along the way can find some useful tips in this beginner’s guide for crafting and hunting in the game.

YouTuber Mennace managed to put together a really simple, really quick video tutorial explaining how to hunt, how to craft and how make basic weapons for survival, as well as eating and making fire. You can check out the video below.

Press ‘E’ to pick up the objects on the ground, such as large stones and sticks laying around on the ground. You can’t mine yet, so you have to gather basic resources just laying about.

Basic tools required to make things include the flint axe, the pickaxe, fire, a spear, a workbench and the bow and arrow.

To open the crafting menu press ‘Tab’ and then press on the “Handcraft” button on the bottom right hand corner of the inventory screen. To craft an item you’ll see that there are categories. If you have the necessary supplies you’ll see what kind of items you can craft after selecting a category. For instance, if you click on “Tools” a menu at the bottom will show the items you can craft, including a Workbench, a Campfire, Arrows, Flint Hatchet and a Stone pickaxe.

For the Flint Hatchet, you’ll need 5 stones and 5 pieces of wood. If you have the necessary items for the recipe you can click the “Craft” button to make the item.

To make every basic item in the starting list, you will need a total of 62 wood logs, 5 stones and 25 flint.

According to the video above, it’s possible to utilize the spear for two different purposes, not unlike Far Cry Primal. Players are able to throw the spear by pressing the ‘R’ key to change its attack, or by using the basic left-click on the mouse to do pokey-stabs.

Hurtworld Crafting Guide

You will need to hunt down the small lamb-like animal called the Shigi. Once you kill it you can reap the resources to make a bow.

You’ll need to convert the tendons of the Shigi into weak string using the crafting menu at the workbench. Use the weak string with 50 wood to create a bow.

To combat freezing to death at night, build a campfire. This keeps the player-character warm and requires wood to continuously burn. According to Mennace, if coal is used and the temperature is too high, your character will suffer from a heatstroke.

You can eat fruit that can be gathered around the hillside or use the meat from the animals you hunt to cook it and maintain your sustenance.

You can learn more about Hurtworld by hitting up the game’s official website. The title is also available to play through Steam’s Early Access for $24.99.

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