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1409780cookie-checkPlaying Shadwen’s Demo Will Lower The Launch Price

Playing Shadwen’s Demo Will Lower The Launch Price

The upcoming third-person, medieval-stealth game, Shadwen, has just received a playable demo. Developers Frozenbyte have even managed to make the demo a rather appetizing affair, starting a mini-event where the more that Shadwen’s demo is played the lower the launch price will be for the game come launch day.

The news was posted up over on the Steam community page where Frozenbyte rolled out the details on how to participate in the event…

“You can try out a sneak peek demo of Shadwen for a limited time. Each playthrough helps drive down the eventual launch price of the game. So go ahead, download the demo and start playing!”

There’s a quick video showing some gameplay from the recently released demo, you can check it out below.

So how it works is like this: you can download the demo from the Steam store page. As the community plays through the demo and the more they play through it, the lower the launch price is driven. The stats and playthroughs will be tracked over on the official Shadwen website.

They’re also doing giveaways leading up to the release, and those who take snapshots of their best moments and share them on the #FromTheShadows hashtag will be entered to win a free copy of the game.

As for Shadwen… it’s designed in a similar vein to Styx: Master of Shadows. It’s one of those mid-budget titles that offers gamers an opportunity to play something a little different from the typical AAA fanfare.

Graphically and thematically, Shadwen doesn’t look bad. It has a serviceable art-style and the intriguing premise where players can attempt to go through the game without killing anyone. That seems like an interesting challenge. This game joins a few other notable stealth-action titles that have also recently released on Steam, including Clandestine and Alekhine’s Gun.

Shadwen is due for release later this year for PC. You can learn more about the game or download the free demo by visiting the Steam store page.

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