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1413570cookie-checkSadame, Action-RPG Heads To Nintendo 3DS February 25th

Sadame, Action-RPG Heads To Nintendo 3DS February 25th

This week gamers will be able to get their hands on the isometric, hack-and-slash, eight-direction RPG from Rising Star Games and Mebius called Sadame, or Ishi-Sengoku-Den Sadame.

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive is set to go live this week on February 25th. The game features four different character classes and plenty of combo attacks and special moves to beat the crap out of the evil army led by Nobunaga. The game utilizes RPG mechanics where players will be able to acquire new equipment, level-up skills to increase the strength and power of attacks, as well as harness magical abilities to take out groups of foes.

You can see the game in action with the launch trailer below.

The old-school style design is pretty neat, and setting up the game as a beat-’em-up within the Feudal era of Japan is a nice touch. Typically these games are hack-and-slash Musou titles from Koei Tecmo and would have Warriors lobbed on at the end of the title.

In this case the game sees players battling as if it were an RPG out of the 16-bit era. What’s interesting is that demon-slaying title turned out to be a complete surprise to a lot of gamers here in the West who never even heard of Sadame.

I think part of the bigger problem is that it’s such a surprise just to see a hack-and-slash, beat-’em-up style game. So many of these titles that helped shape the 8-bit and 16-bit era back in the day are now longer favored by many studios so they’re quite the rarity. Games like Seiken Densetsu and Shodai only pop up as tribute games or some sort of fan project. Someone on the YouTube page even commented that this seems like a Secret of Mana style game, and it’s not surprising given that many old-school fans still crave the likes of some of those classics.

You can look for Sadame to launch for the Nintendo 3DS on February 25th on the Nintendo eShop.

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