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Star Ocean 5 Screenshots Reveal New Locations And Battle Skills

Square Enix released some new screenshots revealing new locations, battle skills, and character info for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. This info pertains to Victor’s assistants — Dax, Gunther, and Hana — along with the western parts of Dakaav Mines and the north part of Sohma.

According to Gematsu, the latest screenshots for Star Ocean 5 reveal the mysterious powers of Relia, two dungeon areas, and a little info regarding Gunther, Hana and Dax. Victor’s subordinates will play as assist characters in Integrity and Faithlessness.

For starters Gunther is a superior officer under Victor, who is a bit unpolished when it comes to handling situations, which results in him rushing in head first. He’s noted to be responsible and over the Army Special Forces Special Response Tactic Group of Resulia’s Central Resulia Army.

Tagging along with Gunther is Hanna. She also works with the Special Forces, and once was occupied at the Research Institute in Langdaug Royal Signeturgy. Hanna is also an assists character that will help players on their journey.

The last assist character is Dax. To be honest, he reminds me of Simon from Etrian Odyssey: Untold. Sharing the same characteristics, Dax is often quiet and only speaks when he needs to. Being no surprise, he is the team’s brain behind their decisions for any operation they partake in.

Looking over to the skills, the source posted up a screenshot revealing Relia’s power that acts as an AOE that freezes or stops all enemies. We also get to see another shot of Relia supporting the team with enhancements that raises their status effects for a certain amount of time. Like in most JRPGs, this is a buff that raises both elemental and physical attacks and defense alike, which can change the tide of battles.

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The last segment describes and reveals the norther part of the Kingdom of Resulia. The area that was once free of snow sits near the southern mountains of Eihied Mountains, which also holds Sohma that is home to Victor. We also get to see the old mine that connects the Resulia Kingdom to the Kingdom of Trei’kur. The abandoned mining site is said to be very confusing, which could be a problem for players when navigating through its chasms.

You can look over the screenshots that Gematsu posted up, which the first shows Victor walking through a field with his subordinates behind him — Gunther, Hana and Dax.

Star Ocean 5 will be available for PS3, and PS4 in Japan on March 31st, while a western release will take place sometimes this year for PS4.

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