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11 February 2016

Unravel Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

EA and Coldwood Interactive’s Unravel is a very visually engaging game with an endearing tale about a small piece of yarn with a big heart. Gamers are tasked with restoring the images of memories passed by venturing through the locations where the photographs were taken. These locations are filled to the brim with puzzles as Yarny attempts to navigate through the levels and piece together the memories. Thankfully there are walkthrough guides available to help gamers from start to finish in Unravel, which is available for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

YouTuber XcageGame has a complete walkthrough of Unravel from start to finish, covering each of the game’s levels and how to overcome the puzzles therein. You can check out the video playlist below.

One thing you’ll need to do constantly is keep Yarny’s yarn supply replenished by finding yarn balls. You may not be able to proceed to a new area until you collect the additional yarn.

You can rappel up and down objects using the left trigger at platform edges. The right trigger will throw the yarn and use it as a lasso, which can also be used to pull objects closer. You can use ‘X’ or the ‘A’ button to tie the yarn to certain objects and create a rope-trampoline of sorts, or a bridge to get across some areas. If you get jammed or stuck, you can restart from a checkpoint by holding down on the digital pad.

The very first stage is little more than a tutorial that also showcases the game’s near ray-trace quality graphics. Coldwood Interactive really knocked it out of the park with the visual quality of Unravel.

Once you learn the controls you’ll get to a segment on the porch. Below the reclining wooden deck chair you’ll find a bush thicket. Pull the thicket down to go under the chair and collect the red yarn, otherwise you won’t be able to proceed.

When you get past the sunflowers, there is a tricycle hidden behind some more bushes. Pull the bushes down and then pull the tricycle out and push it close to the gate. Open the latch and ride the bike down to the next segment. You’ll have to do some Spider-man style swinging by vertically scaling up the trees.

When you get to the seesaw just beyond the Spider-man tree-swinging segment, you’ll need to drag the little toy block over to the sandbox. Tie a knot at the top of the sandbox and at the bottom, just to the left of the sandbox. You should be able to create a string ramp where you can push the lettler ‘B’ block up the makeshift string ramp. Move the block onto the seesaw so you can use it as a counter-balance to jump over the rock.

You’ll have to repeat the process of making a string ramp in the shed. Create a string ramp to push the block up the string ramp to get to the next segment, just outside the shed.

In the second stage, “The Sea”…. you’ll need to scale up the tree by creating a spring. From there you’ll need to carefully rappel down and push some acorns into a hole to use them as a makeshift platform in order to get out of the hole.

You’ll need to do some back and forth swinging to get a lot of speed and use it to swing across and get to the top of the rock surface. You will need a lot of speed so rev up for the swing.


The part at the docks where it seems like you get stuck at the wooden post where there’s a small block of wood hanging onto a piece of chain, you have to Spider-man across the bottom of the dock platform until you get to a nail adjacent in height to a platform you need to get up to. You’ll need to swing viciously and with a lot of speed to finally get up on the platform that leads over the wooden post with the chain on it.

For the part with the clam, you’ll need to make a string bridge and push the clam across the string bridge and give it to the crab. You can then make a string-spring and bounce up to the top of the rock. There’s another puzzle just after that, which isn’t very hard but it can be tricky. There’s a video showing you how to get past that segment that’s time-stamped below.

For the part after that you’ll need to trap the crab in the cage. Lure the crab over into the water and use it as a platform. Pull the other platform out and jump on top of it. Pull the string to your left to reveal a hidden hook. Latch on to it and climb up on the platform.

In the Berry Mire near the beginning of the level, you’ll find a small dam that Yarny can use to get across to the other side. Slowly lift up the lever so that the log can fall in. Tie some yarn to the log and then let more water in. Ride the log and untie the yarn while it floats across to the other side.

Later on there’s a puzzle involving an oven, some logs and a seesaw. You’ll have to use the seesaw to tie it to the wooden board at the base of the oven to spring board to the other side. It can get tricky but you can see how to overcome the puzzle and get down to the other side with the clip below.

In the segment in the swamp where there’s a log and a boulder and you need to get get up high while the flies pester Yarny… be sure to push the bounder onto the log after dragging the log over and then use the boulder as a platform to jump up and lasso the hook above to get to the extra piece of yarn on the tree.

You’ll spend the rest of the map basically Spider-man swinging across the map up until the end. There aren’t any seriously difficult puzzles in that stage after that.

The next stage, the Mountain Trek, starts easy enough. You’ll have to get into a cave and go spelunking. To get into the cave you’ll find a log with a glowing indicator on it – wrap some yarn around the log and pull the log down to get into the cave.

You’ll then have to face off against what looks like an angry gopher. Make a spring and leap up to use the vines to climb out of the cave and hop down away from the gopher to escape its dangerous claws

You’ll need to step on the spores at the entrance of the cave to cause the gopher to choke and back up. From there, grab the log and pull it into the water to get across the lake.

For the puzzle involving the can, the log and the other cave, you can see exactly how you need to create a ramp and get the collectible while also advancing further into the cave.

Later on when you get to the tree segment with what looks like a barrel or can of some sort, you’ll need to push it off the ledge. Once it rolls down, tie some yarn to it and then hop up and tie some yarn to the tree ledge that you need to pull down. Proceed to roll the barrel off into the water. This will force the tree to lower down so you can cross from up top. After legging the logs loose and crossing a short stream, you’ll reach the end of the level.

The Off The Rails level takes place around the riverbed of a rustic cottage. The beginning will require a rope spring to get leap up and get across a platform while rappelling down and leaping daringly across to the next set of platforms.

After taking a short log ride you’ll end up at a puzzle that requires stringing together a contraption around a pulley system. It can be a bit cumbersome but you can check out the time-stamp in the video below to see how to get past it.

You’ll encounter a second, very similar puzzle, the video will show you how to get through that segment given that it’s difficult to explain in words exactly what you have to do, other than that you have to pull the chains on both sides to get to the next segment.

Beyond the industrial contraption rooms, there’s a series of other micro-puzzles to solve, including pushing a wheel onto a log that will allow Yarny to platform up over the gap, and a tree-pulley puzzle that requires pushing a wooden trunk up against the tree to use it as a vertical platform to get to the opposite side.

The stage is challenging, especially the part where the boulders start falling down the hill. You’ll need to quickly use the tree branch and pull it towards you to work as a blockade to keep the rocks from crushing Yarny.

The stage Down In A Hole is interesting because it’s a very dark and somber level. It also focuses more on platforming reflex skills. There are a lot of swinging segments and timing-oriented puzzles centering around climbing up and climbing over things, with a healthy dose of Spider-man antics.

There is a puzzle involving some toxic waste barrels and a platform that requires you to let the barrels loose to get to the other side. It’s not difficult but may require those reflexes I mentioned earlier. Check out how to get it done in the time stamp below.

As you progress through and you get past the segment with the smashing barrel, there’s a wooden plank you walk across with a helmet at the end, laying on the ground. If you pull the helmet out and walk under the plank you’ll find a collectible.

The helmet continues to play a part in the progression. You’ll need to make a string bridge and drag the helmet across to use it as a platform to get up and across the crane’s treads.

String together a spring on the crate and push it back toward the crane (and not the rocks on the right side of the screen). Bounce up and Spider-man your way up into the control booth to open up the pathway to get to the end of the level.


The end of the level sees Yarny losing track of the pennant to a dastardly crow. This leads on another great adventure to get it back, in the stage How Much Is Enough. The early goings of the level is definitely more straight-through platforming than puzzle solving.

The puzzle antics don’t come into play until you get to the window that leads into the seemingly abandoned house. You’ll need to create a yarn spring to hop up and into the window. Once inside use the chair to push it over to the desk and then move over and flip the light switch to get up on to the platform. You’ll need to open a window latch using the yarn to pull the latch and keep it open. You can see how to do so with the video walkthrough below that’s time-stamped.

Follow the electric lines to the end where there’s a bucket on a pulley system. Ride the bucket to the next segment after pulling the latch.

Once you end up in the mechanical segment, it’s a matter of riding the gears and doing a bit of Spider-man to get from one gear to the next. You will have to use timing and reflexes to avoid getting squashed.

If you follow the path through and get to the other end of the map you’ll end up near the crow’s nest. You’ll need to make your way through the socket that you pull out of the wall. In the room there is a switch under a housing. String the housing up and open it by jumping over a metal platform overhead. Once it’s open you’ll need to turn the switch off to disable the power. This will allow you to swing across the light fixture and get to the crow’s nest where you’ll find the spider pennant.

In the stage The Letter, you’ll have to deal with another seesaw puzzle. Tie the leftmost end of the wooden seesaw to the knot on the ground, this will cause the saw to balance out. When it balances out tie the right farthermost end to the hook on the platform to create a yarn spring to get up to the checkpoint.

The next segment will require you to run from one small box to the next to dodge the flock of crows. It’s a timing segment, so just wait for the crows to pass by and then proceed to the next box and use it as shelter. Eventually you’ll make yourself inside of a tool shed where you’ll need to swing on the light fixture to get up to the platform on the upper right hand side of the screen. You’ll need to swing at just the right angle to so you can leave the room through the little window opening.

In the next room you’ll need to get to the top of the stage and use a hook to open a wooden window in order to get back outside.

You’ll need to create a spring and yang the lever to pull the pail up and use it to get across the field of crows, as demonstrated in the video below.

After making it through a few simple segments you’ll encounter a bird trapped under a cage. Free the bird and remove the sticks it’s trapped under and it will take you to the pennant at the end of the level.

At the start of the level Winter Sun head to your left and pull down the piece of yarn to create a snowball. Use the snowball to get over the rock.

The theme of the stage will see you using snowballs in a few segments to get past certain puzzles or breaking through ice blockades.

The puzzles aren’t terribly hard to deal with and are more reflex based than logic based. You’ll spend more time platforming and Spider-manning across chasms and hopping across ice ledges than dealing with the standard puzzles found in earlier maps. There are still some tricky segments where you’ll have to platform around and utilize snowballs and logs to get through to the next part. For the ice fishing puzzle you have to put the small piece in the hole to the left and the larger ice block in the hole to the right so you can push the snowball up to the rock surface. It’s demonstrated in the video below.

When you get to the segment with the snow-covered bench, you’ll need to make a yarn ramp and roll the acorn in the snow to create a snowball. You’ll need to roll the snowball up the makeshift ramp and push it into the kettle hanging over the fire pit. It will turn the handle into a ramp that you can run up so you can get onto the roof and get the yarn pennant.


The stage Rust starts with a bit of a head scratcher. You won’t have a lot of yarn but you’ll have to get through a segment that requires a yarn spring. What you need to do is create a spring, bounce up and then tie some yarn around the metal piece hanging overhead. Use the piece to rappel down and untie the yarn that you used to create the yarn spring. Rappel back up and proceed forward to get to the yarn checkpoint.

There are a lot of little micro-puzzles in the Rust stage, but there’s a main puzzle involving a magnet and a car engine. You’ll need to bring the magnet down, grab the metal block, raise the magnet with the block attached and move it over to the crate on the far right side of the room. Drop the block on the crate but leave enough room so you can climb up onto the crate. Use the metal block to reach the yarn checkpoint. Proceed lower the lever and tie it to the yarn checkpoint below to keep the door raised and exit the garage.

In the next segment you’ll have to get past some grinders. This will require grabbing one of the metal parts on the conveyor belt and pulling it up on the platform. You’ll have to use the piece to press the button and swing over to the yarn checkpoint.

After escaping through a daring segment involving a car being crushed Yarny will reach the end of the level.

For the stage Last Leaf, you’ll need to start by knocking down the lantern and pushing it through the snow. You’ll need to keep the lantern with you because the winds during the blizzard are so strong that it will blow Yarny away if he isn’t tied down. Keep the lantern tied to Yarny and use the sticks as ramps to push and pull it over hills and mounds.

During the one segment where the wind will keep pushing Yarny and lantern back, you will need to tie Yarny to the small yarn points in the ground to keep him from blowing away. Eventually you’ll get through a gate and to a stream where a lot of broken ice will work as the platform.

The game takes a page out of Thatgamecompany’s book with Journey and Yarny seems to meet an unfortunate end while chasing down the last trinket. However, he comes back out of a backpack where some magical sprites or wisps will allow Yarny to Spider-man his way through the stage. There are no more puzzles from here on and Yarny can finish the scrap book and end the game.

If you need help with all of the collectibles and achievements/trophies, there’s a 100% completion walkthrough provided by YouTuber Maka91Productions that you can check out below.

Yarny is available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Anyone looking for a visually captivating platformer with some challenging but tolerable puzzles will probably like the game.

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