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DOOM’s New Trailer Shows Off Different Multiplayer Game Modes

Bethesda is gearing up for DOOM’s upcoming March 31st Closed Beta, which will let folks jump into the chaotic arenas of DOOM‘s multiplayer deathmatch. To get gears pumping, the devs released a brand new trailer showing a few of the multiplayer modes. DOOM will be available on May 13th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Deathmatch fans and DOOM fans alike will be able to participate in the upcoming multiplayer deathmatch event, which will pit teams or individuals against each other until a winner emerges. This closed beta trail will obviously help with tweaking some of the mechanics, and squashing any unknown bugs while players battle it out in the DOOM universe.

By now, many should know that I’m a huge DOOM fan, which this newest edition of DOOM seems like it will be much better than DOOM 3. However, I don’t know if it will hold the same magic as DOOM 1 and 2, but it still looks pretty solid from the trailers.

Speaking of trailers, Bethesda released a new video showing the different modes in the upcoming game. This includes modes like Soul Harvest, which tasks players to kill their opponents to harvest more souls. Then there is Freeze Tag that challenges players to freeze opponents and thaw out allies to win. While other modes where listed but weren’t detailed, their names do give an obvious hint want players will be doing in them.

For instance, Clan Arena suggests that players will need to battle over a specific area as a team to emerge victorious, while Domination sums up itself, and well, Team Deathmatch… it doesn’t need any explaining.

You can catch all of the newest modes in Doom, in its new trailer entitled “Multiplayer Modes.”

DOOM’s Closed Beta will start on March 31st, and will end on April 3rd. The game is slated to release on May 13th for PC, Xbox One and PS4. For more information on the game and closed beta, you can hit up DOOM’s FAQ forum.

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