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Portal Knights Beginner Hints And Tips

Keen Games really hit their stride with Portal Knights. The game is quite popular after having recently entered into Early access on Steam. A lot of players young and old are finding the adventure, crafting, exploration RPG to be quite a lot of fun. There are a few ways to maximize on the game’s early goings thanks to some hints and tips, and early walkthrough guides available for tackling some of the basics in Portal Knights.

You don’t get a double jump in Portal Knights, so it’s best to use smaller objects as platforms to get up to higher objects. Also, you can use dirt mounds in your inventory to place them down and use them as makeshift platforms to reach higher places just outside of your reach.

It’s suggested to get a hold of a bow as soon as possible and utilize the long range attacks to your benefit because enemy mobs can hit very hard and it’s best to keep a distance in the early goings of the game by taking out enemies from a safe distance with a bow.

There are also a few tips about crafting and where to find mats. You can check that out in the video below from Zukuji and Habura.

A few other videos have also surfaced, featuring gameplay and some tips on how to build slightly more complex structures, such as a house so you can keep your stuff safe from evil magic turtles.

First you’ll need to find a solid place where you’ll want your foundation laid – some players use the ruins scattered throughout the game world as the starting place for their home. You’ll need lots of wood blocks so you can build a work bench.

From there you’ll want to make a furnace and an anvil so you can build higher tier items. You can see how some of the basics are handled with the video below from YouTuber eNtaK.

One other tip is that once you build a chest to store your equipment you don’t have to manually click on the chest to store items. You can just head into the inventory when you’re near the chest and there’s a small chest icon to the right on the tab menu that will allow you to easily take items from your inventory and put them in the chest, all from the same window.

You can learn more about Portal Knights by heading to the Steam Early Access page. The game is available right now for $14.99.

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