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The Division Ending Explained

The Division has a couple of different main factions in the game that have contributed to the destabilization of New York City. The three main villain factions are the Rikers, who are escaped prisoners from Rikers Island, The Cleaners, who are killers roaming around trying to “clean up” New York, and the LMB, a mercenary group gone rogue.

The Rikers are one of the main villain factions you face off against near the end of the game and GhostRobo does the final Rikers mission, showcasing what happens with the main boss of the group, Larae Barrett. It’s a 24 minute long video that you can check out below.

Obvious spoilers are obvious.

Players have to face off against The Rikers, a group of criminals from the Rikers Island prison.
Captain Benitez wants players to rescue some of his men before completing the mission. There are three hostages captured by The Rikers scattered throughout the Lexington Event Center.

Players will move into the Lexington Event Center to take out The Rikers and rescue any surviving hostages. Players will find some echoe recordings along the way to see what happened in the building and how The Rikers tortured and killed a lot of cops and other people while in the building, all led by The Rikers leader, Larae Barrett.

After moving through the Lexinton Event Center to get to the main hall, the player group eventually takes out The Rikers and their leader, Laerae Barrett, after freeing the hostages. Once the mission ends players can leave the Lexington Event Center knowing that The Rikers have been defeated.

The other main ending involves doctor Jessica Kandel explaining to the player-character that there’s a vaccine in the works for the virus that tore through New York, and that they can’t survive another viral attack like that again. She expects the player to deal with the forces that could risk spreading the virus… again. You can check out the hour long video from MKIceAndFire, which covers the main ending missions and the ending cinematics.

Players will need to talk to the JTF Commander and take back the U.N., center from the LMB mercenaries, this requires heading through an underground tunnel area and blasting into the garage of the U.N., assembly center.

The main objective becomes assaulting the United Nations and neutralizing the LMB, also known as The Last Manhattan Battalion, who is a private military group led by Charles Bliss.

However, the LMB end up getting betrayed by Aaron Keener, an AWOL Division Agent, who believes that the LMB “are over” and decides to take the Russian immunologist and flee. Bliss orders his men to take out Keener and comes out of hiding in order to rendezvous with his men in the general assembly chamber of the U.N., building.

Players find out that Bliss is out of hiding and decide to take him down while they flush out the LMB forces. Unfortunately, Bliss manages to escape in a helicopter and get away from the roof of the building.

The player-characters eventually get to the general assembly and access a laptop where it turns out that the LMB has been keeping tabs on “everyone”. After accessing the data Bliss returns to the United Nations building in his helicopter and circles the courtyard to wipe out the JTF forces.

Players engage in battle with Bliss one last time in an epic fight just outside the U.N., building while he’s a Blackhawk helicopter firing missiles and shooting at players across the courtyard. Players can utilize the turrets around the courtyard along with their standard weaponry to take down Bliss’ helicopter.

After taking out the helicopter it crashes into a nearby building, blowing up to pieces and killing Commander Charles Bliss in the process.

Captain Benitez congratulates the player group on defeating the LMB leader and notes that the main threats to New York have been defeated. This then leads to players having the option of participating in end game content, such as the Dark Zone.

The Division Ending

Aaron Kenner, however, manages to escape with the Russian doctor, and the JTF are still on the lookout for him along with the bio-terrorist Gordon Amherst, who managed to escape as well.

Even though it seems like it’s the end, it turns out that there’s an unknown signal being broadcast near the Dark Zone. When players go to investigate the unknown signal it’s revealed that the person putting out the signal is none other than Aaron Kenner, The Division Agent deserter. Keener actually isn’t there in person, though, he left an echo device that explains his intentions. He explains that being in the Division was like staying on a leash and that when the Black Friday virus swept through the region that only the convicts, killers and PMCs would be able to survive and that he was one of the survivors.

Keener has the immunologist along with a DNA sample and a “recipe book” based on Amhert’s bio-chemical research and plans on writing his own rules. The echo ends with Keener saying that the player character should “get in on this thing” before leaving the apartment broadcasting the signal.

After leaving the apartment there’s another short video note containing Amherst’s personal notes on the virus that was picked up from the laptop in the apartment. He explains in the video how viruses work and how viruses can be used to control the population. Amherst believes that the virus will decide who lives and who dies and who deserves to survive. He ends the video by saying that he’ll see the players in hell.

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