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1410280cookie-checkBethesda Showcases DOOM’s SnapMap Creation Tool In New Video

Bethesda Showcases DOOM’s SnapMap Creation Tool In New Video

Bethesda recently published an hour-long video explaining how DOOM’s SnapMap tool works and how players will be able to change the game’s speed, rooms and various features integrated in the newest DOOM all with a few clicks in the map editor. The release of DOOM is due out May 13th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Having fiddled with both TimeSplitters and the old DOOM’s map editors, I can see a lot of awesome possibilities waiting to be unveiled in DOOM‘s SnapMap. The tools allow anyone to hop in and add whatever comes to mind with pre-set pieces in the editor. I guess one could say it provides enough freedom with the given parts to change the newest DOOM into something similar to the originals if one desired.

As shown in the video, classic scenarios like picking up a weapon will have doors opening to reveal a party full of demons waiting to tear you apart. All of this can be done very quickly unlike some of the early original DOOM map editors that required one to access DOS to edit the maps, and work with a lot of variables and individual lines to bring the whole thing together.

Like TimeSplitters, rooms can be selected and placed at specific levels and then connected however one would like. Other features similar to TS are weapon placements, enemy health/strength adjustments, room customization ,which includes lighting and prop placement, and loads of other items to make a map seem unique.

As for the scripts or nodes set in place, the game takes a simplified version of early Doom’s editors, or simply put: like TimeSplitters. Due to the simple connection of scripts and how other items/objects can be connected to other properties with a few clicks, it makes it easy for gamers to build their own maps quickly and efficiently.

You can either watch or skip through the hour-long video regarding DOOM’s SnapMap tool, which provides both gameplay and a visual guide on how the tools work.

Although I prefer DOOM with its player-based mods on PC and being able to browse through a list, I’m still excited about the SnapMap Tool. Not only does this tool allow for single-player custom-made maps, but multiplayer-based missions. Lastly, those looking to get their hands on DOOM, will be able to do so on May 13th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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