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Dark Souls 3: Solaire Armor Set Location Guide

There are lots of cool and unique armor sets in Dark Souls III that players can acquire, but not all of them are easy to obtain. Some of the more rare sets require a bit of work to acquire the items. Thankfully there are some guides available to help gamers acquire things like the Solaire armor set.

The first video from Shirrako showcases where you have to go and the items you need to hand over in order to acquire the basic armor set. Check it out below.

After you get to the Firelink Shrine, from the bonfire in the center of the room, head to the final floor at the top of the shrine that takes you to the top of the roof.

This means heading up the stairs through the spire and across the bridge. Fall off the middle of the bridge onto the roof. Run across to the nest and give the it the following items:

  • Homeward Bone
  • Siegbrau
  • Thunder Urn
  • Seed of Giants
  • Witch’s staff

After giving the nest the appropriate items you’ll be able to acquire the Solaire armor set. There’s nothing else really to it other than that.

The armor is a classic knight set with a bucket helmet, a white tunic with green shoulder pads and a yellow and red sun image on the front. Standard chainmail leggings round out the set along with a shield.

Some users noted they had trouble getting a few items, such as the Thunder Urn. MerYerTerb offered a useful hint, writing…

“In the firelink shrine there is a tree by the 20K tower that looks like a giant. He has a chance to spawn one at his trunk. Apparently the urn can be bought from the maiden but I haven’t seen it.”

It was noted by user r3dGilgamesh that you can get the shield by trading the Witch’s staff at Archdragon Peak, writing…

“[…] if you haven’t found out already, the witch snake thing that summons people in Arch dragon Peak drops her staff which you can use at the nest to get the shield”

In the video from Serious Gaming, he offers a walkthrough as well talking you through each of the items and how to obtain them if you haven’t already.

For instance, the Siegbrau can be obtained after completing the quest involving defeating the fire demon.

There’s also an alternative way of for getting up on the roof without having to spend 20,000 souls on the key to access the citadel. Serious Gaming suggests taking off all your gear to get light and then use the nearby tree to jump up onto the roof and head to the nest.

Dark Souls III is available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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