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1413600cookie-checkDemetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure Launches May 31st

Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure Launches May 31st

Cowcat’s Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure has blasted through the Steam Greenlight process and is now prepping for its final release on the Steam store come May 31st.

The news about the release date went out in a short and sweet e-mail, letting gamers and enthusiast press know that the point-and-click adventure title with a hard satirical edge and a cynical bite is just a month out from release.

The game itself is centered around a theft that takes place, which eventually sees players journeying around to solve the crime and help the main character become somewhat of a hero.

Players will assume the role of Bjorn Thonen, a Parisian “slob” who comes home one night to find himself robbed. It doesn’t help that he arrives home in a drunken stupor. Nevertheless, Thonen and his neighbor Sandra decide to take matters into their own hands by find out what the robbery was all about and to eventually discover an ancient mystery.

The single-player title will provide gamers with anywhere between eight and 12 hours of biting gameplay with 15,000 lines of dialogue. This is a classically made point-and-click title, mirroring classics from the 1990s with fully hand-drawn, HD environments and characters. One of the new things that stand out in the game is being able to perform actions that see NPCs reacting to them – the sort of stuff that usually goes ignored in most point-and-click adventure games.

Sprinkled throughout the gameplay are various mini-games to keep the action flowing and diverse, and the entire thing can be played from start to finish with the convenience of a controller.

Throw in some Steam achievements and trading cards and you’ve got yourself a fully featured point-and-click adventure game. You can learn more about the title or keep your eye on it as it preps for release by checking out the Steam store page.

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