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Destiny: How To Quickly Get To Light Level 335

The April update for Destiny has dropped for Xbox and PlayStation owners, giving gamers an opportunity to expand their horizons and grow their light level by a fairly significant margin. How significant? Try light level 335 on for size.

Bungie sent out word recently about the update, alerting gamers to the possibilities of further growing their character into something bigger and better. Well, YouTuber Byf offered up a quick 10 minute video guide to explain to gamers still latched on to the teet of Destiny, how to acquire the necessary gear to reach light level 335. Check it out below.

First up, it’s mentioned that Engrams are now guaranteed to grant an item with a Light value higher than the player’s total Light. As explained in the video, this means decrypting any exotic Engram gear will guarantee equipment higher than your current light level.

Byf suggests decrypting armor Engrams to unlock gear that’s a higher light level than what you have equipped.

If you want to get your hands on the exotic Engrams that are practically guaranteed to boost up your light level like coke boosting up Johnny Depp’s career, it’s suggested to utilize three of coins, weekly heroics, and Strike drops, along with Crucible drops. It’s noted in the April update that Crucibles will drop legendaries.

Byf suggests doing Nightfall and Strike playlists will be the best way to get exotic Engrams for 330 gear, as well as potential Engrams that scale to 335 light.

Another suggestion for farming blues and rares is dabbling in the Court of Oryx. It’s labeled as a reliable farming method for getting gear that will net you 335 light.

The video notes that Bungie’s changes to Destiny nets players higher rewards for simply playing the game in different modes and missions, as opposed to only getting the max gear from end-game raids. You can do PvP, weekly events, team missions or end-game raids to earn the loot you need to elevate your guardian.

The April update for Destiny and The Taken King is available right now for the Xbox 360,PS3, PS4 and Xbox One. You can learn more about the April update and what changes, modifications, switches, additions and upgrades Bungie made to the sci-fi first-person shooter by hitting up the official Bungie website.

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