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1410370cookie-checkDOOM Y-350X Gaming Headset Announced For Xbox One, PC

DOOM Y-350X Gaming Headset Announced For Xbox One, PC

Thrustmaster and Bethesda have teamed up together for two officially licensed gaming headsets for the Xbox One and PC, based around the upcoming first-person shooter, DOOM. The headsets include the Y-300CPX and Y-350X.

The Y-350X features 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, bass boosting, memory foam ear pads and 60mm drivers, which is a lot larger than the standard 50mm drivers that come equipped in most 7.1 surround sound gaming headsets.

The sound is amplified with quality control thanks to AM3D technology, along with precision frequency tuning that Thrustmaster painstakingly optimized in an anechoic chamber.

Aesthetically the headset looks okay; I’m not the biggest fan of black and brown gaming gear, but the scuffed up, battle-worn look works in this particular case just because it’s DOOM. The memory foam pads are likely going to divide some gamers because I prefer open-ear cup designs as opposed to the closed-ear pads that come with this particular unit.

Anyway, what good is a gaming headset with awesome sound output without the ability to utilize foul language, mom jokes and racially charged homophobic slurs without a microphone input? Well, Thrustmaster has you covered. The Y-350X DOOM-themed headset comes with a unidirectional microphone with custom positioning and the ability to detach it in case you plan on using it on a new pair of headsets.

Sound for both the output and input can be adjusted with Sound Commander that plugs into the Xbox One controller, for on-the-fly sound manipulation and volume control. If you prefer to keep the adjustments controller-free, you can utilize the software volume controls on PC.

The headset is big and bad enough that it requires its own power pack, which comes bundled in with the unit. You’ll have to dole out €149.99 if you want the officially licensed DOOM Y-350X gaming headset for Xbox One and PC, or you can settle for the little brother… the Y-300CPX for only €59.99.

You can learn more about the gaming headset by visiting the official Thrustmaster website. The DOOM themed Y-350X and Y-300CPX will be available alongside the launch of the game on May 13th.


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