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1411100cookie-checkFallout 4 Glitch After Patch 1.4 Lets Players Duplicate Shipments And Resources
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Fallout 4 Glitch After Patch 1.4 Lets Players Duplicate Shipments And Resources

Looking to duplicate shipments and resources in Fallout 4 glitch after patch 1.4? If so, there is a new glitch that allows you to get infinite amounts of shipments and resources. The glitch currently works on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One version of the game, and also has been tested with the newest Automatron and Workshop DLC packs.

Unlike the old shipment and duplication glitch, there will be no Select All and Store All segment in this guide nor will it involve Dogmeat. With that said, you can even do it at the start of the game if you have a settlement of your own with a Workshop.

To do the glitch, head to your settlement and clear your inventory until you have one of the shipment or resource items that you want. Drop it on the ground and go into workshop mode and hover over the item that you want to be duplicated. While it’s highlighted press X, A, and B on Xbox One, and on PS4 press Square, X, and Circle.

This method first scraps the material, the second button selects/confirms and the third is storing it. This glitches the shipment and allows you to duplicate it to get infinite amounts of shipments or resources. You will need to press them in a swift motion or use your thumb to sweep over all three buttons to make the glitch work.

Obviously, this will take some practice to do since it requires fast button pressing. You can tell that the glitch was done successfully if the scrap pop-up window shows up briefly when pressing all three buttons. You can check out the master glitcher himself, Demon Asylum, doing the duplication glitch below.

As seen in the video above, if you want a single stack drop the shipment or resource so that it will separate. scrap both and then go to the workshop’s transferring mode and take them out to have a full stack of whatever item that it is you want. You can keep rinsing and repeating this glitch until you reach the desired amount of shipments and resources.

Fallout 4 is available right now for home consoles and PC, but more than that the new DLC is also available so that you can get your groove on with capturing and taming the wildlife of the wasteland. Making additional cages and resources shouldn’t be a problem now that this new resource duplication glitch is up and active.