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How To Find All The Secret Areas In Hyper Light Drifter’s Eastern Zone

Heart Machine’s PC game Hyper Light Drifter has a lot of secrets hidden all around its stages. Those looking for all the secrets and hidden items scattered throughout the eastern zone will be able to get those achievements and find each hidden location in this guide.

In total, the eastern zone holds two equipment sets, four keys, four Monoliths, eight modules/power nodes, and 43 Gearbits/coins. Each items will have their own section so that you can find them quicker, with time stamps added beside their names.

The helpful video comes in by YouTuber Ttarraj42, and runs players through each and every secret location in the game. However, there are a few locations missed which are linked and posted near them.

You can use the video above for reference to help you find the missing or hidden items that you are after, which are linked and noted below, courtesy of Ttarraj42.






Hidden Switches/Gun Switches:

Key Doors:

  • 16:21 shows the first key door that needs one key to open it
  • 23:43 shows the second key door that needs eight keys to open it
  • 41:04 shows the third key door that needs three keys to open it.

Equipment Sets:

Warp Points:

  • 6:30 shows Warp Point location, which is in the center of the T-junction.

Boss and Final Area:

Something to keep in mind, this guide only covers the eastern zone and note the other zones. So it’s worth noting that all of the hidden items and locations listed in the bullet list and in the video only cover these sections when moving to various areas and how to get there.

Hyper Light Drifter is available right now for PC, and it’s scheduled to arrive later in the year for the home consoles and portable devices, so keep your eyes on the lookout.

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