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ERISLE: Third Person Hack And Slash RPG Seeks Greenlight Votes

Erisle is a third person hack and slash roleplaying game developed by Expect Studio, but this game isn’t really what I was expecting when I clicked on it.

Erisle has taken a new concept for the way you will fight, how your shields work, in-game currency, and how your ammunition will decrease. They have decided to take a bold move and combine all of those numbers into a single Energy pool, so everything you do that would normally subtract your ammo, armor and currency separately, will now subtract from the same Energy pool.

I think this will create some really interesting gameplay mechanics because if you were to use a gun and spray a lot of bullets and miss, it might almost be the same as taking a brute force hit out in the open and losing your shields. When you run out of Energy you will no longer have any protection from damage, and any subsequent damage you take after that will then start to drain your life until you die.

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This system could add a lot of strategic elements to Erisle for conserving ammo and shields, and choosing the best time to strike for an attack so that you don’t end up dead. I’m not entirely sure what they mean by currency, but it appears that you will be able to customize how you allocate your energy to determine how your character functions. For example, in most Space Sims they give you an option to allocate all energy to your shields or to put all power into your weapon systems, it sounds like Erisle will have a similar system which will allow you to create a tank build by investing more of your Energy into shields, or go for a glass cannon by putting all your Energy points into your weapon damage.

Gameplay and graphics wise, Erisle looks a lot like Digital Extremes’ Warframe, with adventure and puzzle elements as well to help make the game feel more like a true RPG. So far from what I have seen and read I am very interested in seeing how Erisle comes together. You can watch the gameplay trailer that I linked down below that showcased a little bit of what the game is like in action.

Erisle was scheduled to launch their closed beta testing back in March of 2016, and has also launched a Steam Greenlight page to help get their game approved for the Steam Store. If you are interested in learning more you can also visit Expect Studio Official website for further information and additional details.

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