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1409900cookie-checkFated: The Silent Oath’s PAX Demo Involved A Vibrating Carriage Seat

Fated: The Silent Oath’s PAX Demo Involved A Vibrating Carriage Seat

In the realm of taking immersion to the next level, vibrating carriage seats, context sensitive reins, and fans blowing light water mists is what developer Frima Studios had in mind when they took their VR game Fated: The Silent Oath to PAX East a short while ago.

The developers released a behind-the-scenes video to give gamers a look at how they managed to immerse users in Fated with a dynamic carriage ride featuring rumbling seat, horse reins, and a VR headset. They describe and show how the booth came together in a quick minute and a half clip. Check it out below.

Vincent Martel, executive producer at Frima Studio, commented about the game and its VR capabilities, saying int he press release…

“Harnessing the power of virtual reality, FATED takes the players on a journey that packs an incredible emotional punch,” […] “Our behind-the-scenes trailer offers a sneak peek of the different steps involved in bringing FATED to life in virtual reality.”

Fated is a game about a traveling family attempting to save their land. Players will encounter various puzzles they’ll have to solve, giants they’ll have to avoid and enemies they’ll have to slay.

Graphically the game doesn’t look bad and it appears to have its own unique design. The real hook, however, is in its use of virtual reality headsets to help bring the narrative to life by putting players right in the middle of the story.

So far the few people who have purchased Fated appear to enjoy it, but it’s likely going to be a game that’s a tough sell to casuals and non-VR aficionados due to the fact that its reliance on VR means that most people won’t be able to appreciate its full features unless they actually play the game. Unfortunately, the only way to actually play the game the way it was meant to be played is if you appear in person at a trade show, or you already have an HMD and you try a demo or something.

The conundrum facing Fated is no different than that of other VR games where a large part of the hook is in trying to get people to engage with the VR aspect. However, that’s just not possible unless you actually have a VR headset or plan to get one.

I imagine a lot of VR-specific titles will run into marketing problems unless they can find a way to hook gamers without the VR feature and then hope the VR mechanics entice gamers to take the dive on an HMD.

Anyway, you can grab Fated: The Silent Oath right now from the Oculus Store or from over on the Steam store. Alternatively, you can learn more about this VR-exclusive title by visiting the official website.

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