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King Of Fighters XIV Premium Edition Detailed

SNK released some new details on the upcoming fighting game for the PS4, King of Fighters XIV. They will launch the game with a Premium Edition in August, which will contain some nifty items for collectors.

Niche Gamer quickly ran through the details of the package, outlining what you get in the Premium Edition of King of Fighters XIV, which costs just a stone’s throw more than the standard edition.

The package contains a three-disc soundtrack, featuring all of the fan-favorite tunes from this newest iteration of King of Fighters. A steel book case, a special collector’s box for the game, a 144-page art book, and a copy of King of Fighters XIV. You can check out the promotional image for the Premium Edition below.


The three-disc soundtrack will be housed in a specially illustrated Mai Shiranui case (for all you Mai fans out there) and it will feature more than 60 songs that will play throughout King of Fighters XIV. SNK is really jamming as much content into the upcoming fighting title as possible.

What’s more is that the art book will contain illustrations of both the characters and the stages. I imagine we may even get to see some older stages and characters re-imagined for today’s generation… maybe?

The Premium Edition of King of Fighters XIV will carry a $79.99 price tag on it. So if you’re willing to pay $20 extra you can get all of the additional aforementioned content packed into the bundle. I can’t say it’s a bad deal if you’re a fan of the King of Fighters, it’s certainly something worth considering for the hardcore aficionado.

You can look for King of Fighters XIV to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 starting August 23rd. Hopefully the game sells well enough so that we can see it appear on PC at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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