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1412070cookie-checkKing Of Fighters XIV Screenshots Feature Mai, Goro In Action

King Of Fighters XIV Screenshots Feature Mai, Goro In Action

SNK has been releasing new screenshots of in-game play for the upcoming King of Fighters XIV on the PS4. Every so often they’ll post the new shots up on their official Twitter account to give KoF fans something to latch onto.

Three new screenshots were posted up recently, each featuring different fighters duking it out. In one screen we get to see Mai and Athena going head-to-head. Mai appears to be ready to charge in while Athena puts up a psycho barrier.


The second shot shows Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown doing battle against Goro. She appears to be setting herself up for an aerial dive attack while Goro misses with the grab.


The third and final screenshot features the newcomer Shun’ei, the power-fighter who focuses on brute force attacks with his special abilities. He’s pretty much the successor to K9999 as far as fighting abilities and moves are concerned. He goes for a projectile attack against Goro but comes up short thanks to the judo expert’s slide.


The screenshots don’t showcase anything new that we haven’t already seen, but it’s cool to see some shots of the upcoming game nonetheless.

SNK has been using a lot of lo-fi marketing techniques to get King of Fighters XIV up and out there, and they have further plans to tour the game around the FGC circuits leading up to its August 23rd release on the PS4.

SNK has been refining the graphics after receiving a fair amount of complaints. They’ve also been tweaking the gameplay as well. I can’t say it’s the best playing KoF because I haven’t played it, but it does appear to perform okay based on the tournament footage I’ve seen, so far. The next stop for the game is this year’s CEO 2016 that takes place in Orlando, Florida. I’m hoping that the game sells well enough on the PS4 to eventually make the trip to Steam on PC.

(Main image courtesy of Thoai Nguyen Anh)

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